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Read below to see what our past clients have had to say about Zinda Law Group. Some of these reviews may have been submitted on other websites which we are not affiliated with.

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I Felt Lite My Family Was Their First Priority


I was very nervous, because I have never dealt with lawyers. They made the process easy and very understandable. I felt lite my family was their first priority. Everyone was very kind and sweet to work with. They took our feelings into consideration. This was the best experience. I would recommend them to everyone.

I Know That They Had My Best Interests At Heart The Entire Time


[Zinda Law Group] was great throughout this difficult process. Without them, this nightmare would have been a lot worse to deal with. [Attorney Jason Aldridge, Paralegal Mara Havis,] and the entire team kept me in the loop the entire time and spent a lot of time explaining things to me to make sure that I understood and that we were all on the same page. I am extremely grateful that I chose [Zinda Law Group] as my representatives. I know that they had my best interests at heart the entire time and am really happy with the outcome of this case. I would definitely refer them to anyone who needs legal representation in the future.

I Got A Response To See A Lawyer Within A Week Of Submitting My Request


The attention I received from start to finish has been top-notch. I got a response to see a lawyer within a week of submitting my request. The process was explained to me every step of the way and all questions were answered immediately. The whole staff is professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and it made me feel comfortable and confident about the process.

She Listened To Every Concern I Had Throughout My Case And Put My Mind At Ease


[Attorney Kaitlin Nares] was amazing! She listened to every concern I had throughout my case and put my mind at ease. She guided me to all the proper care I needed. Kaitlin and [Paralegal Mary-Catherine Holt] were a great team. I felt that she was very concerned and dedicated to getting myself and my family the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need.

This Is A Group Of Honest And Compassionate People Who Strive To Do The Best For You


We were referred to Burgess Williams and the Zinda Law Group by a dear friend shortly after the wreck. I am so thankful we did! They took my phone call right away. Burgess was warm and comforting and I instantly felt at ease. My husband was seriously injured and required a lot of care. I felt great relief knowing that this team was on my side. Then I could breathe and focus on caring for my husband. This is a group of honest and compassionate people who strive to do the best for you.

He Took The Time To Explain All The Things I Did Not Understand


Rian Butler was my lawyer and I have to say he was outstanding to work with during my MVA case! He was very professional and took the time to explain all the things I did not understand. He was always very thorough with checking in on me throughout my case and making sure that everything was in order when it came to documentation and my general well being as I healed.

Couldn't Have Done This Without Them

I want to thank attorney Matthew Swanger and paralegal Cooper Hawkins for taking care of not only my case, but me and my recovery period since day one! Matt went above and beyond to make sure I received the justice I deserved. Cooper kept me in the loop and checked in on me almost every week and even more after my surgery. How many people can say their lawyers care about them and not just the outcome? I know I can. Couldn’t have done this with out them.

He Took the Time to Break It Down

Really good law firm. Brendan McQuaid was great. When I was confused or frustrated with not understanding something, he took the time to break it down and explain things to me. He was always very nice and never made me feel stupid. He did a wonderful job on my case!


It Was the Best Decision I Could Have Made

It was the best decision I could have made to call you guys first. Thank you Cole, Sydney, and Raisa for being so professional, kind, helpful and honest with me. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and highly recommend Zinda Law Group over anyone else.


I Am Definitely Happy With My Decision

Zinda Law Group has been in my corner and fighting for what I deserve ever since my accident. Jason was my lawyer & he explained the process step by step and always kept me updated on new information. They are constantly there to help with any questions I may have had, and are extremely compassionate. I am definitely happy with my decision to choose Zinda Law Group to represent me. They are AWESOME!

I Couldn't Be Happier

Christina Hagen was my attorney and honestly I couldn’t be happier. Don’t expect to get everything done in a month because the process is not like that. I got into a car accident where the other driver just drove away and I got injured. Thanks to my attorney I didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING. They gave a doctor and took care of all the insurance paperwork. I couldn’t be happier.

If I Ever Need Legal Help, I'll Know Who to Contact


The most professional legal team I have come across. Andrew was thorough and very punctual with any forthcoming information. If ever I need further legal help I'll know who to contact!

She Really Took Care Of Me When I Was Looking For Information and Updates


Zinda Law really made me feel like they were “My Team” and not just another group of corporate people looking for a financial gain. If I needed anything at anytime, they were there for me right then and there. Raisa, my team’s paralegal, was amazing. She really took care of me when I was looking for information and updates. Needless to say, Cole, Raisa, and the rest of My Team became great friends that I know I can depend on! And if the need may ever arise, I will team up with them again and again!! Thank you Zinda Law ATX.

They Were All Full Court Press The Entire Time


I had a tedious case and they were all full court press the entire time. I really felt that they fought for what I needed and ended up getting the result I wanted. I am so grateful for an attorney and his team that heard me, told me what was realistic, and was able to have productive communication with me.

Zinda Law Group Gave Me And My Family Hope


Zinda Law Group gave me and my family hope. They showed compassion and allowed me to understand my son's case. Andrew, thank you for taking care of us!

Kept Me Informed Of Case Progress

Friendly and professional. Kept me informed of case progress. Procured an excellent monitary return for my injury.

Very Pleased With The Results And Thankful To The Zinda Law Group.

Everything was handled professionally and in a timely manner . Updated on regular basis about my case and consulted with to make decisions in my best interest. Very pleased with the results and thankful to the Zinda Law Group.

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