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Read below to see what our past clients have had to say about Zinda Law Group. Some of these reviews may have been submitted on other websites which we are not affiliated with.

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Seamlessly handled this process from start to finish 

I really appreciate the professionalism and the commitment to excellency and service throughout the duration of the case. You guys have seamlessly handled this process from start to finish. I appreciate the transparency throughout the process, and the staff respecting my dignity, by not sugarcoating bad news or making false promises. This process has been relatively hands off for me, and I have been able to more or less continue to live my life without constantly stressing over the status of the case. The entire staff has been professional and organized. You guys have been stellar! 

15/10 stars - would recommend again and again 

First and foremost of what I would say positively about Zinda Law Group is their ability to be in constant communication with me throughout the entire lawsuit process. They were only one press of a button away to be there for me to answer any kind of questions I had about what was going on. Even during the midst of COVID-19, their constant contact with me never wavered. Even during rolling blackouts and storms, they were the first people to reach out to me to let me know that they were still working on my case and ask if I was okay. They treated me like a human. Each and every one of their staff treated me like a friend. Two words describe Zinda Law Group: Consistent, and Phenomenal. A truly outstanding experience from day one. 15/10 STARS - WOULD RECOMMEND AGAIN AND AGAIN. 

My experience with Zinda Law Group was great from start to finish

My experience with Zinda Law Group was great from start to finish. Everything was explained in great detail and broken down, making it easy for me to understand.

Fantastic experience

Fantastic experience! I was always kept in the loop on my case and everything was explained clearly and professionally. I appreciate everyone that worked so hard on this and for the care and
understanding I was given while going through this traumatic event.

This place is the real deal

I was nervous at first seeing how I found this place online, but I was quick to find out this place is the real deal. Highly recommend!

They always had time for me

Zinda Law Group was very helpful and understanding. Everyone was always nice and they always had time for me. I will recommend Zinda Law Group to anyone I know!

They will go the extra mile for you

Zinda Law Group is very helpful and will keep you up to date with every detail. They will go the extra mile for you. 

Your professionalism and kindness was very appreciated

Thank you for everything! Your professionalism and kindness was very appreciated.

I will recommend Zinda Law Group to anyone I know 

They were very helpful and understanding. Everyone was always nice and always had time for me. I will recommend Zinda Law Group to anyone I know!

Zinda Law Group advocated for me when my car accident literally felt insurmountable

Zinda Law Group advocated for me when my car accident literally felt insurmountable. I was dealing with a totaled car and a bad concussion just days before I was supposed to be moving. They made sure I got compensated for all the loss and factored in the inconvenience of a pandemic, just to fight for me harder. Zinda Law Group held steadfast and true to make sure that my life wouldn't be completely derailed by a negligent kid who made a mistake. They got me the physical therapy I needed to return to my normal day to day. Accidents happen, but they don't need to make or break your life. I'm so grateful for all the help and care this firm has given me.

The entire team has been there every step of the way

With all that my family and I have gone through, Zinda Law Group has helped make this an easier and smoother process. The entire team has been there every step of the way. They helped to ensure that we understood what was happening and that we were taken care of and made sure we received all the medical attention necessary. I want to thank everyone involved for going the extra steps to help us through this process!

Always honest and transparent with me 

The whole team was honestly really incredible, handling not only the case but the changing climate of COVID and the challenges it brought. The team were always available, super easy to talk to, and always honest and transparent with me when I asked questions, which I greatly appreciated.

I would call Zinda Law Group if I ever need this type of support again

My experience with Zinda Law Group was better than expected. After an accident that totaled my car, I reached out and was paired with a wonderful attorney. She communicated frequently and responded to my calls and texts in a timely manner. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. I was kept in the loop during every step of the process. I would call Zinda Law Group if I ever need this type of support again.

There is no other law group I would trust than Zinda Law Group

There is no other law group I would trust than Zinda Law Group. Someone was always available to answer any questions I might have had and always returned phone calls and answered emails. They are truly an amazing law firm.

Heaven forbid anyone I know has a similar situation happen to them, but I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to Zinda Law Group

I’d like to thank everyone that helped me from day one. I appreciate the professionalism of the law group, from the receptionist and staff to my attorney, Cole Gumm and his team. Heaven forbid anyone I know has a similar situation happen to them, but I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to Zinda Law Group. 

They did a good job of keeping me informed whilst making me feel taken care of behind the scenes

I really appreciate how flexible and understanding the lawyers were when any complications came up on my end. They did a good job of keeping me informed whilst making me feel taken care of behind the scenes. Thank you Zinda Law Group!

They will go the extra mile for you

This was the first accident that I was in. In the beginning I was worried how to handle this situation. Once Zinda Law Group took over, they communicated with me step by step how the process works. They got me top medical care and completely took over all communications. By the end I felt I got good representation, top medical care, and top dollar for the incident that I was involved in. I highly recommend this group. They will go the extra mile for you!

You won't regret trusting them

I'm quite happy that I went with this firm! They do a great job, give you peace-of-mind, and treat you well. You won't regret trusting them!

You can tell they really care about their clients

I have never had to interact with attorneys or a law firm but I am glad I found the Zinda Law Group, Cole Gumm and his highly qualified team. They made the process run as smoothly as possible and did all the heavy lifting. You can tell they really care about their clients through their hard work and dedication.

I am very impressed with Zinda Law Group


I am very impressed with Zinda Law Group. They helped me with so much and communicated with me about every step to helping me and my recovery. I have always been independent and took care of myself and its so hard for me to ask for help but I am so happy I did. I've never met kinder people, they understood my problems and that I needed help and they were ready to fight for me and with me. I will always be grateful and I will recommend them to anyone who needs help or needs to fight a case.

Zinda Law Group Became a Part of our Family


I would like to take this time to share my experience with my team from Zinda Law group that became a part of our family. At the time of our accident I was overwhelmed with dealing with what had happened and questions of what was to come of all this. I found peace of mind and the feeling that someone truly cared about what we were going through and that reaching out was okay. They did not want us to go through this alone. This great experience during a scary experience, I sincerely can say each one of the individuals on our team were polite, professional and caring. We appreciate your efforts and results, Thank you


I Would Definitely Recommend This Law Group to Family and Friends


My attorney did a wonderful job with communicating and keeping me I formed about everything going on with my case. This was my first ever car accident and the process was so smooth with her I would definitely recommend this law group to family and friends.


Knows How to Pay Attention to All the details


Great experience so far, kept me update with case status, professional attorneys, knows how to pay attention to all the details and kept their clients in the loop


The Level of Care and Respect I Received Exceeded My Expectations


My team was very professional and caring about my situation and my needs. Everyone handled my case with the utmost respect and professionalism. The level of care and respect I received exceeded my expectations.

My Team at Zinda Law Group Was Absolutely Amazing 


This experience has been an overwhelming journey. My team at Zinda Law Group was absolutely amazing. Each one of my team members took their time to hold my hand and walked me through all this ordeal. So from the start of a very scary situation, I was truly comforted by my team at Zinda Law Group. I am truly grateful for all they have done for me.

Will Definitely Recommend If I Ever Know Anyone Else In My Situation


[Zinda Law Group] was very helpful and had a kind team! They got me great care that I needed! I will definitely recommend if I ever know anyone else in my situation.

I Appreciate the Patience Everyone Took in Explaining the Case Out to Me


I am pleased with the service represented by all people I had contact with at the Law Firm. I appreciate the patience everyone took in explaining the case out to me and finding time to work with my schedule to discuss important matters.

She Made a Remarkable Effort to Obtain What I Deserved


My experience was great. [Attorney Kaitlin Nares] is a phenomenal attorney who made the process very easy to me and was extremely caring towards my recovery. She made a remarkable effort to obtain what I deserved. I would fully recommend Attorney Kaitlin Nares to anyone who needs a injury attorney. I also learned a lot throughout the process. Thanks Kaitlin!

I Would Recommend Zinda Law Group to Anyone that Needed a Lawyer


This Law Firm was the bomb. I can honestly say I would recommend Zinda Law Group to anyone that needed a lawyer. [Attorney Jason Aldridge] would call to check on me before he got to checking on my case, he kept me updated about my case, he handled my case in a prompt fashion, he is very professional, courteous and a great attorney, and he got me what I was owed for my accident. Once he got the answer for my case he even had the nerve to call me singing. If ever you need an attorney call Jason! He is there for the people - he's not trying to get rich off of you he is trying to help you. If I ever need an attorney again,  Jason you are the man. Thank you!!!!!!!

Very Knowledgeable People Working for this Firm 


This has been a very smooth experience. I've never gone through something that involves attorneys as smooth this. I appreciate the follow up calls and keeping me in the loop for everything. Very knowledgeable people working for this firm. I appreciate everyone involved.

They Were Trustworthy, Honest, Thoughtful, and Very Professional


I am so thankful for finding Attorneys Elecia Byrd, Neil Solomon, and the whole Zinda Law Group Team! What was already a crazy case, ended smoothly. They were trustworthy, honest, thoughtful, and very professional! They worked their hardest to get my family and I through this case! I wish I would have chosen Zinda Law Group Sooner! Best decision I've made!! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

I Would Recommend Friends and Family to Zinda Law Group. They are the Best!


Attorney John Rodgers was 100 percent knowledgeable about all the information I needed about my case. I would recommend friends and family to Zinda Law Group. They are the best!

I Would Definitely And Highly Recommend Zinda Law Group For Any Personal Injury Legal Work


The Zinda Law Firm did an excellent job of handling my case. They were communicative, keeping us informed of the status of discovery and review. The Law Firm (Joe Caputo) carefully explained the elements of the process and the steps that were being taken to timely move the case forward to conclusion.

We felt the firm was supportive and understanding in our position and the Firm agreed that we should pursue a claim against the party that caused the damage to me. We are deeply appreciative of the Firm, particularly Joe Caputo, in his attention to our case, his thorough and informed explanations of how the process would work, his listening ear, and his patience as we asked questions.

[Attorney Joe Caputo]  has helped me personally in achieving closure to this life-altering event. This closure was, and is important to me successfully moving forward with my life. I feel I can do that, and I am grateful for Joe and his attention to Julia and me. I would definitely and highly recommend the [Zinda Law Group] for any personal injury legal work.

I Was Hesitant At First But I Was Reassured Every Appointment That We Are On The Right Track


I would highly recommend Attorney Kaitlin Nares and her team for any case. I was hesitant at first but I was reassured every appointment that we are on the right track. I am so glad with my results and couldn't imagine doing this alone.

I Felt Like My Family Was Their First Priority


I was very nervous, because I have never dealt with lawyers. They made the process easy and very understandable. I felt like my family was their first priority. Everyone was very kind and sweet to work with. They took our feelings into consideration. This was the best experience. I would recommend them to everyone.

I Know That They Had My Best Interests At Heart The Entire Time


[Zinda Law Group] was great throughout this difficult process. Without them, this nightmare would have been a lot worse to deal with. [Attorney Jason Aldridge, Paralegal Mara Havis,] and the entire team kept me in the loop the entire time and spent a lot of time explaining things to me to make sure that I understood and that we were all on the same page. I am extremely grateful that I chose [Zinda Law Group] as my representatives. I know that they had my best interests at heart the entire time and am really happy with the outcome of this case. I would definitely refer them to anyone who needs legal representation in the future.

I Got A Response To See A Lawyer Within A Week Of Submitting My Request


The attention I received from start to finish has been top-notch. I got a response to see a lawyer within a week of submitting my request. The process was explained to me every step of the way and all questions were answered immediately. The whole staff is professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and it made me feel comfortable and confident about the process.

She Listened To Every Concern I Had Throughout My Case And Put My Mind At Ease


[Attorney Kaitlin Nares] was amazing! She listened to every concern I had throughout my case and put my mind at ease. She guided me to all the proper care I needed. Kaitlin and [Paralegal Mary-Catherine Holt] were a great team. I felt that she was very concerned and dedicated to getting myself and my family the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need.

This Is A Group Of Honest And Compassionate People Who Strive To Do The Best For You


We were referred to Burgess Williams and the Zinda Law Group by a dear friend shortly after the wreck. I am so thankful we did! They took my phone call right away. Burgess was warm and comforting and I instantly felt at ease. My husband was seriously injured and required a lot of care. I felt great relief knowing that this team was on my side. Then I could breathe and focus on caring for my husband. This is a group of honest and compassionate people who strive to do the best for you.

He Took The Time To Explain All The Things I Did Not Understand


Rian Butler was my lawyer and I have to say he was outstanding to work with during my MVA case! He was very professional and took the time to explain all the things I did not understand. He was always very thorough with checking in on me throughout my case and making sure that everything was in order when it came to documentation and my general well being as I healed.

Couldn't Have Done This Without Them

I want to thank attorney Matthew Swanger and paralegal Cooper Hawkins for taking care of not only my case, but me and my recovery period since day one! Matt went above and beyond to make sure I received the justice I deserved. Cooper kept me in the loop and checked in on me almost every week and even more after my surgery. How many people can say their lawyers care about them and not just the outcome? I know I can. Couldn’t have done this with out them.

He Took the Time to Break It Down

Really good law firm. Brendan McQuaid was great. When I was confused or frustrated with not understanding something, he took the time to break it down and explain things to me. He was always very nice and never made me feel stupid. He did a wonderful job on my case!


It Was the Best Decision I Could Have Made

It was the best decision I could have made to call you guys first. Thank you Cole, Sydney, and Raisa for being so professional, kind, helpful and honest with me. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and highly recommend Zinda Law Group over anyone else.


I Am Definitely Happy With My Decision

Zinda Law Group has been in my corner and fighting for what I deserve ever since my accident. Jason was my lawyer & he explained the process step by step and always kept me updated on new information. They are constantly there to help with any questions I may have had, and are extremely compassionate. I am definitely happy with my decision to choose Zinda Law Group to represent me. They are AWESOME!

I Couldn't Be Happier

Christina Hagen was my attorney and honestly I couldn’t be happier. Don’t expect to get everything done in a month because the process is not like that. I got into a car accident where the other driver just drove away and I got injured. Thanks to my attorney I didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING. They gave a doctor and took care of all the insurance paperwork. I couldn’t be happier.

If I Ever Need Legal Help, I'll Know Who to Contact


The most professional legal team I have come across. Andrew was thorough and very punctual with any forthcoming information. If ever I need further legal help I'll know who to contact!

She Really Took Care Of Me When I Was Looking For Information and Updates


Zinda Law really made me feel like they were “My Team” and not just another group of corporate people looking for a financial gain. If I needed anything at anytime, they were there for me right then and there. Raisa, my team’s paralegal, was amazing. She really took care of me when I was looking for information and updates. Needless to say, Cole, Raisa, and the rest of My Team became great friends that I know I can depend on! And if the need may ever arise, I will team up with them again and again!! Thank you Zinda Law ATX.

They Were All Full Court Press The Entire Time


I had a tedious case and they were all full court press the entire time. I really felt that they fought for what I needed and ended up getting the result I wanted. I am so grateful for an attorney and his team that heard me, told me what was realistic, and was able to have productive communication with me.

Zinda Law Group Gave Me And My Family Hope


Zinda Law Group gave me and my family hope. They showed compassion and allowed me to understand my son's case. Andrew, thank you for taking care of us!

Kept Me Informed Of Case Progress

Friendly and professional. Kept me informed of case progress. Procured an excellent monitary return for my injury.

Very Pleased With The Results And Thankful To The Zinda Law Group.

Everything was handled professionally and in a timely manner . Updated on regular basis about my case and consulted with to make decisions in my best interest. Very pleased with the results and thankful to the Zinda Law Group.

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