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Whether you are a young lawyer fresh out of school
or an attorney with years of experience under your
belt, there is always more to learn about practicing
law. In The Effective Lawyer, Jack Zinda discusses
key topics with the experienced attorneys of Zinda
Law Group and provides helpful tips and advice
that will benefit you. Check out our latest episodes
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Podcast Archive & Show Notes

Ep. 26: Leveraging Data Analytics In A Law Firm

Ep 25: Handling Premises Liability Cases

Ep 24: Managing Cash At A Law Firm

Ep 23: Making the Switch from Defendant to Plaintiff Law

Ep 22: Mastering Law School and a Legal Career Later In Life

Ep 21: Marketing For Personal Injury Lawyers

Ep 20: Working with Experts

Ep 19: Winning Difficult Cases-Part 2

Ep 18: Winning Difficult Cases

Ep 17: Handling Construction Injury Cases

Ep 16: Handling Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Ep 15: How To Manage Lawyers

Ep 14: How To Come Up With A Discovery Plan In A Catastrophic Case

Ep 13: How To Evaluate A Case

Ep 12: How To Investigate A Personal Injury Case

Ep 11: How To Handle Your First Wrongful Death Case

Ep 10: How To Build A Successful Law Practice with Jack Zinda

Ep 9: The 5 Things You Should Know When Handling Your First Trucking Case

Ep 8: Running a Successful Law Practice in the COVID Era

Ep 7: How To Expand Your Law Firm Nationwide

Ep 6: How To Hire Great People

Ep 5: Handling Your First Mediation

Ep 4: Dealing With Rambo

Ep 3: Training and Onboarding

Ep 2: Handling Your First Deposition

Ep 1: When I Was Young




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