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At Zinda Law Group, we understand that great results are built by relationships. Zinda Law Group is a personal injury law firm with offices across Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida. We have a successful record of working with law firms nationwide through referral, joint-venture, and co-counsel relationships. If you would like to partner with Zinda Law Group or are interested in our personal injury referral services use any of the contact methods described in the following section.

How to Become a Referral Partner

  • Call us at 888-387-9702; or 
  • Fill out the Partner Contact Us Form below.
  • Discuss your case with a Zinda Law Group attorney
  • Finalize the structure of the co-counsel relationship

Does your firm turn down cases that are out of state or in practice areas you don’t handle? 

Instead, consider partnering with Zinda Law Group on these cases. With more than 26 offices and attorneys licensed in 10 states, our experienced team of attorneys works with clients all over the country. 

Referring a client means that you’re making sure your client and their case Is taken care of – and we take care of every client as If they were a member of our own family, It’s with this In mind that our team never settles for less than full value. Our formidable team of attorneys has recovered millions for our clients. When we enter the courtroom, our strength Is clear – we leverage our successes to get a bigger win for our clients. 

Our hundreds of referral partners know that our verdicts and settlements speak for themselves, and they take comfort knowing that our team will communicate often to keep you and the client Informed about the status of the case.

Contact Us To Get Started

    If you would like to partner with Zinda Law Group, reach out to us at (888) 281-6991 or fill out the form below with your details and we will call you back. After discussing the case with you, one of our experienced accident attorneys will assess whether they can meet your client’s needs. Then, you and your co-counsel will discuss the structure of your co-counsel relationship. The structure may depend on state laws and workload involved.

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    For Case Inquiries please include: please provide the details of the case, including the nature of the injuries, and the date of the incident.

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    Reasons To Partner With Us

    We’re well-equipped: With a team of experienced attorneys handling more than 40 practice areas In 26 offices nationwide, our firm is ready and able to handle a variety of cases. 

    We’ll be transparent: Our intake team works around the clock to process referral cases, and our firm’s software keeps us informed of the status of each case every step of the way. 

    We have an established referral system: In 2021, past clients and attorney partners sent us hundreds of cases to review. The attorneys we work with trust us to get their clients the best recovery possible. For clients this means the best possible results, and for our referral partners it means a share in the fees we collect, as permitted by a state’s rules of professional conduct.

    We Reflect You: Our firm safeguards the interests and reputations of our referring attorneys, and your clients will receive the same level of dedication, professionalism, and responsiveness from us as they would from you.

    Client Service: We maintain a small docket, which helps ensure all our clients receive the individualized attention they deserve. From the initial consultation to the final result, our attorneys guide clients every step of the way, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Great Settlements: We have a winning track record both at trial and with pretrial settlements, and our attorneys recovered millions of dollars last year alone. We work tirelessly to get your clients the compensation they deserve, and we never settle unless it is the best offer. View our Results here.

    Fast Results: We are often able to resolve cases in a timely manner through aggressive representation and operational efficiency.

    Litigation-Focused: Our experienced lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to treat every case as if it were going to trial.

    Vast Resources: We have the ability to conduct thorough investigations, hire expert witnesses, and utilize cutting-edge technology to help us build the strongest case possible.

    Zinda Law Group prides itself on a team of client-focused, experienced lawyers. By partnering with Zinda Law Group, you gain access to experienced lawyers across the country. We have also handled complex liability cases across the country.


    Our aim is to ensure that all of our Spanish-speaking clients who choose us to represent them can get access to legal assistance in their own language, providing them with a stress-free and easy to understand client experience.

    Personal Injury Law | Attorney Referrals | Zinda Law Group

    State law regulates co-counsel fees. In most states, referral fees for personal injury cases between lawyers are permitted, but some requirements must be met.

    In some cases, fees are paid in a ‘proportion of services’ manner. In this situation, both the referring lawyer and the new lawyer perform substantial services on behalf of the client. The legal fee is split between the two lawyers in proportion to the services performed. The services performed have to be something beyond being hired by the client and forwarding the case.

    In other cases, you may agree to joint responsibility for the client’s case. In this case, the referring lawyer must make a reasonable investigation into the client’s legal matter, choose a competent handling attorney, monitor the legal work after referring the case, keep the client informed about the matter, and assist the handling attorney when necessary.

    In both of these situations, the client must consent in writing to the arrangement before the association can take place. The client must consent to all lawyers and firms involved, whether the fees will be divided according to the proportion of services provided by each attorney and the share of the fee each lawyer or firm will receive.


    When you enter into a referral agreement, the responsibilities and obligations for each attorney are expressed clearly. The percentage of fees the referring attorney is expected to receive will also be included in the agreement.

    Referring a client means I’m unqualified.

    Attorneys decide to partner with another firm for numerous reasons, including sharing resources, managing caseload, and gaining access to experts in specialized areas of law – it does not mean you are not qualified.

    Bringing in another lawyer looks bad.

    Referral arrangements are conducted for the client’s best interest. In fact, having a resource on hand to refer clients to may give the impression that your firm is better connected, thus giving your client a better sense of trust. Referring a client to another lawyer is preferable to losing a case you could’ve won.

    Bringing in a co-counsel from a well-known firm is only valuable for garner name recognition.

    While some law firms may be well known, many larger firms also have resources that can make a partnership more beneficial, such as more legal staff and access to a greater amount of resources. A referral should be pursued because it is in the best interest of your client.

    If you want to continue working with a client on a case but need help, seeking co-counsel is a great solution. With a referral, you will have less interaction with the case after passing it on to another attorney. By partnering with a co-counsel, you will stay with your client while also working alongside another firm.

    This arrangement benefits both you and your client, because you will now have the resources of another firm at your disposal, and you will be able to utilize another lawyer’s strengths, knowledge, experience for your client’s case.

    If you are practicing in a new area of law or are inexperienced as to a certain subject matter, partnering with a co-counsel is an excellent way to gain experience while still providing competent and ethical representation to your client. If you expect the case to be difficult or time-consuming and your firm cannot see the case through, gaining assistance from other lawyers is an ideal way to pool resources and manage your caseload.

    Zinda Law Group has had many successful co-counsel relationships with attorneys and clients throughout the years. If you or your client would benefit from working in partnership with our legal team, contact us today at (888) 281-6991.

    Partner Testimonials 

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Zinda Law Firm! I’ve been practicing law for almost 20 years. You need someone who’s advice you can trust… Someone with the experience to know how to get you the best possible recovery…. Someone with a war chest big enough to properly invest in your case…. Someone who’s dedicated and will see your case through to the end…. That’s Zinda Law Group to a tee. I’ve been trusting them with my own clients for years and can’t say enough about the results they’ve obtained.”

    “I feel like Mr. Caputo and Zinda Law Group always treat my referrals with real respect and quite often those who I have referred report back to me how thankful they were to be introduced to Zinda Law Group.”


    When choosing the attorney you will be working with, you should keep your client’s best interest in mind. Depending on the type of case, your background, and experience, consider the following questions:

    1. 1. What are their qualifications and experience?
    2. 2. Is their experience related to my case?
    3. 3. How does their experience compare to mine?
    4. 4. What is their reputation like amongst their clients?

    Checking out their client reviews on their website or Google may help you answer whether you will be able to work with this person.