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What Our Employees Say
"Hardwork, compassion, and the pursuit of excellence are the qualities that make up the team at Zinda Law Group. These core values make it exciting to come to work each day in order to fight for our clients."
Joseph Caputo, Partner
"Zinda Law Group is the best environment in which I have ever worked. The melting pot of experiences makes it a place where any individual can thrive and grow."
Ryan Toomey, Attorney
"The staff at Zinda Law Group really set it apart from most law firms. People genuinely care about one another and help each other succeed."
Elecia Faith Byrd, Attorney
"One of the things that makes Zinda Law Group special is the collaboration between partners, attorneys, and staff. What do I like best about my job? The people I work with!"
Kate Howard, Vice President of Operations
"At Zinda Law Group, you’ll find an outstanding team of attorneys and staff who work hard every day to better the lives of our clients. Each person here truly cares about achieving the best possible outcome for those we represent, and that’s such a unique quality that you just don’t find at most other firms."
Ryan Allen, Marketing Associate
"I feel very fortunate to work at Zinda Law Group. It is a community of intelligent, compassionate, and motivated individuals. Each person brings a unique perspective, and set of skills, which is valued and appreciated. Everyone is passionate about the work that we do and the people that we support. I could not ask for a better community of people to learn from, and work with, each day."
Krista Olcott, Paralegal
"Zinda Law Group is a great place to work. The firm is client-focused, which makes the job rewarding. It’s the fastest-growing firm I’ve been a part of, which I think is indicative of the dedication and hard work that its employees put in and the great mentoring that the firm provides to new associates."
Chrissy Hagen, Attorney
"I joined Zinda Law Group to continue my career zealously representing injured individuals. From day one, I was impressed by the wealth of knowledge held by all of my talented colleagues. Zinda Law Group has not only allowed me to work on complex and rewarding cases for my clients, but it has also invested in my professional growth. I’m grateful to continue growing as a lawyer alongside some of the best and brightest!"
Cole Gumm, Attorney


Zinda Law Group focuses on litigation in personal injury. We are a rapidly growing law firm with over 55 employees. We have seen double digit growth each year for the past 5 years, and we expect that trend to continue. Our experienced litigators stay on the edge of their respective fields and have a passion for their practice.

At Zinda Law Group, we not only pride ourselves on the quality of our attorneys, but on our support staff as well. Our extensive support infrastructure allows our attorneys to focus 100% on serving our clients. It is our firm belief that every member of our team is valuable, and should have the opportunity for a financially and personally fulfilling career. Everyone who works here goes home at the end of the day knowing that they have done a great job for our clients and made a positive contribution to the lives of others.

If you want to make a difference from day one, and are confident you can, please consider Zinda Law Group. Our law firm is a great place to work!

Our Purpose

Our number one core value is “Excellence Always”. Good enough is not good enough for our clients, our staff, or our community. Everything that comes out of our offices has the stamp of excellence – without exception.

Why Work at Zinda Law Group?

Our attitude is one of professional compassion, and it shows in the everything we do- from the results we receive to the people that work here. Each and every member of our staff is charged with duty and purpose, and we strive for excellence in all that we do. This approach allows us to continuously impact lives and establish friendships with our clients for life. Join us as we make a difference, one case at a time.

Current Openings

If you have a history of delivering excellence in your career, this is the place for you. We are always looking at adding to our incredible staff, but it truly takes a special person to join our team. Do you have what it takes? If so, we want to hear from you. See our Current Openings»

Excellence means more than just the work we do for our clients. Excellence is what defines our culture and how we treat one another. Learn more about our client-centered culture»

Direct all resumes and inquiries to [email protected]