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Though motorcycles can be fun to ride, they provide almost no protection if an accident occurs. Wearing a helmet and riding gloves can help but in high-speed accidents the rider almost always sustains injuries. Injuries like brain trauma and spinal cord injury can be life-threatening. Even in a relatively minor accident a motorcyclist may receive injuries that can take weeks, months, or years to heal from.

In a moment’s time an enjoyable day of riding your motorcycle can turned into a nightmare. Even experienced motorcycle riders who obey all the road rules can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you’ve been unfortunately involved in an accident, our motorcycle injury attorneys are here to help. Call 800-863-5312 today for a 100% free consultation.

Injured in a Garland Motorcycle Accident?

Life can change dramatically for those injured in a motorcycle accident. For one thing, you may need to miss work to recover from your injuries and lost income can result. Secondly, you may need expensive medical treatments and therapy to fully recover. If you believe someone else was responsible for your accident, a Garland motorcycle accident attorney from Zinda Law Group can help you get financial compensation to help with all these costs.

Very often the investigation will show that a negligent motorist caused the accident. They might have been following too close, distracted, or just not paying attention. In these cases it’s possible to get full compensation for damages including lost wages, property damage, pain & suffering, medical bills, and more.

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It’s very important to obtain a Garland motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Due to the statute of limitations you only have a set amount of time to file a suit, so it’s best to move quickly. Zinda Law Group works with motorcycle accident victims like you to help obtain the money they deserve. Our Garland motorcycle accident attorneys will formulate a strong case and will do our best to settle your case quickly and out of court.

The lawyers at Zinda Law Group will go to work right away gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses. We build a tough legal defense and our firm will fight aggressively on your behalf. We never charge any fees unless we win your case, so call 800-863-5312 today to started with your free legal consultation.