Wrongful Death Lawyers in Peoria, Illinois

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Wrongful death in a family changes everything forever, presenting unimaginable challenges and difficulties. An accident that is caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person may take only a moment to occur, but its effects cause pain and sadness for a lifetime. Automobile accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents and medication errors that result in wrongful death for Peoria, AZ families deserve aggressive legal representation.

Struggling to make sense of what happened, many family members fail to notice that options are available to help compensate for tragic losses. The attorneys at Zinda Law Group have the knowledge of the law and the negotiating skills to win a fair settlement when clients must deal with a wrongful death in the family.

Protecting Rights to Compensation

At a time when a victim’s family is distracted by grief, funeral arrangements and fear of the future, insurance adjusters may try to take advantage of the situation. Knowing what is fair and just is not enough to protect the rights that survivors have to a fair compensation.

Tactics that insurance adjusters use can mislead a family into thinking that the best deal is the quickest one, especially without the advice of an attorney. As a result, many families are denied the proper representation that often results in much higher settlements. Acting on its own behalf without knowing the law puts a family at a serious disadvantage and lets insurance companies avoid paying a fair compensation.

Choosing the Right Legal Representation

Insurance adjusters may seem sympathetic, but nothing is further from the truth. Insurance companies improve their profits when adjusters succeed in getting claimants to sign a release without the benefit of legal advice. One of the best advantages of having legal representation is the ability of an attorney to reject intimidation by insurance companies. Threats that adjusters make have no effect on an attorney who honestly and vigorously represents a client’s best interests.

Led by founder Jack Zinda, the team of attorneys at Zinda Law Group are dedicated to representing each client with vigor and zeal. Each client receives respect and the compassionate understanding that is so important during difficult times. Winning a fair settlement is not a matter of just asking for it. The loss of income now and in the future changes the quality of life for a family, and obtaining compensation that is fair requires aggressive legal representation.

Taking Prompt Action

A Peoria, AZ family that retains legal representation as soon as possible avoids interacting with insurance companies or adjusters. All documents, discussions and agreements go through the attorney’s office, removing the possibility of a grieving family losing compensation for a tragic loss. No expenditure is required unless compensation is recovered. A family that attempts to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies without legal representation is taking a chance that can result in the loss of financial compensation.