Texas Trucking Accidents Can Involve Complicated Liability

Last updated on: January 10, 2013

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Commercial trucks are a common sight on any major highway, and Texas roads are no exception. In fact, Texas likely has far more traffic than other states simply because it is a gateway state for international traffic coming from Mexico as well. So there is no shortage of large trucks moving day and night through the Texas highways and county roads.

The above said, commercial trucks are driven by human beings, which means they are prone to being involved in accidents. Fortunately, the large majority of incidents involve just property damage or product spillage. However, a number of truck accidents can involve serious pileups causing significant injury to other drivers, passengers and people, through no fault of their own.

Where a truck accident does occur in Texas, a number of issues kick in right away. Unlike a normal private car accident, a trucking accident potentially involves a higher level of liability as truck drivers are expected to perform at a professional level when on the road given the size of their vehicles. Unfortunately, determining responsibility is not as easy as just finding the name of the trucking company on the side of the vehicle.
Oftentimes, the liability can be shared with multiple companies. One business could be the employer of the driver, another company owns the truck, a third is the manager of loading the truck, and a fourth actually owns the product involved. Given the way Texas law works, multiple players or all could be held responsible for a trucking accident and related damages or injuries, depending on the involvement. However, each company will immediately disown the truck and the rest of the players where possible to limit that liability cost.

Because of how complicated a trucking accident can become, an injured party needs an experienced legal professional to weave through the various issues and laws, finding the responsible parties and obtaining the appropriate legal recovery for damage done. This is particularly important where physical injuries have occurred. Many times vehicle accidents can leave victims with long-term injuries that limit mobility and enjoyment of life. Just recovering cost for immediate injury treatment may not be enough, leaving victims to have to pay for ongoing treatment on their own if settled too early.

Anyone seriously injured in Texas should always consult with professional legal help, like the help you can get at Zinda Law Group, before agreeing to any kind of settlement after a commercial truck accident. Doing so can ensure a higher potential for a proper recovery so that a victim can get back to a normal life or close to it with assistance. There’s no reason a person injured in a trucking accident should accept less.