What Types of Expenses Can you Be Compensated for After a Car Accident?

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Auto Accidents happen every day in Fort Worth. You can be driving down the road minding your own business when out of nowhere, a truck slams into your car. An accident like this may leave you with serious injuries. Your car is damaged and you may not be able to work for weeks or even months.

When you are involved in a serious car accident, your life can be turned upside down by the events. There are so many questions and problems that seem to arise daily. If the accident was someone else’s fault, their insurance company will contact you and try to get you to settle quickly. With mounting bills, a damaged auto and perhaps even ongoing medical needs, you might be tempted to go ahead and accept their offer so you can get on with your life.

Most attorneys agree on this one thing: Don’t trust an insurance company! If you leave these important decisions to guesswork, you may walk away with far less money than you could have gotten. That’s why personal injury lawyers encourage car accident victims to speak to a qualified lawyer before signing anything. Insurance companies usually pay far less when there is no attorney involved.

You may have future medical expenses that could quickly eat up any settlement you might initially receive. It’s important to know your legal rights and get advice from a professional personal injury attorney in Fort Worth. They will sit down with you and help you figure out whether you have a strong case and how much money you should be asking for. Attorneys are well aware of the devastation of a serious car accident and how it can change someone’s life and the attorneys at Zinda Law Group PLLC work with each client to help them make a sound decision that will protect their family’s financial future.

Typically, victims of a car accident can ask for and get the following expenses:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain & suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Damages to any personal property including your car
  • Ongoing medical treatments

In some cases, a spouse may be allowed to file a separate suit for compensation due to loss of affection or loss of household assistance. Each case is different and there may be other expenses that are specific to your situation that you could also recover. A qualified personal injury lawyer from Zinda Law Group PLLC will help you understand the law concerning your accident and advise you on how best to move forward.

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group PLLC understand the turmoil and confusion that often goes along with a car accident. They make it a priority to listen to your needs and assist you with the best course of action for your situation. Call today for more information. You are under no obligation to hire the attorneys at Zinda Law Group but they are available to offer professional advice when you need it most. The call is free and so is the advice.