Episode 28: How to Push Your Cases Faster & Get Larger Results

Last updated on: June 8, 2022


In this episode, Zinda Law Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Tully, sits down with Zinda Law Group CEO and lead trial lawyer, Jack Zinda, to talk about how to push your cases faster and get larger results.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • What makes a firm successful?
  • How to evaluate a case
  • Common logistical challenges
  • The treatment phase
  • How to approach the defense

What Makes a Firm Successful?

Success is driven by two major factors: how long a case takes to resolve and what is the result. Jack talks about how having good evaluation practices at the beginning of the case is crucial to forecast what type of result you’ll achieve.

How to Evaluate a Case
Once you’ve talked with a client, the next stage is the investigation phase. In order to make this stage successful you must create a strategy, turn it into actionable items, assign responsibility, and review often.
Common Logistical Challenges
While in the investigation phase, there are a few common things that newer attorneys can get caught up on. Establishing liability (in a motor vehicle accident for example) can be complicated and understanding what does and does not qualify can be a little murky.

The Treatment Phase

In this phase, we establish what type of treatment the client needs in order to get better (if possible) and what’s the client’s damage model.  “What is the average time that this should take, based on the client’s injuries and the historical data that I have?”

How to Approach the Defense 

“It’s a battle of time, they want to make it take a long time, we want to make it a short time.” The longer the case takes, the more time the client has to recover, which can be a detriment to your case. The defense’s primary tactic is to delay trial dates and create scheduling issues to minimize the impact of your case.