Can an Insurance Company Stop Me from Getting Medical Treatment?

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After being injured in an accident, you may be left wondering if an insurance company can limit or prevent the type of medical treatment you receive. The short answer to that question is no.  You have a right to receive all the appropriate medical care you desire.

An insurance company cannot make medical decisions for you. In attempting to limit your medical treatments, the insurance company is only trying to lower its own costs. Rather than allowing the insurance company to dictate your medical decisions, you should consult with your physician and do what is best for your health going forward.

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Use Your Own Health Insurance

Often, people injured in an accident will pay out of pocket for health care, just assuming they will be reimbursed by the other person’s insurance company. Do not do this.

When your own insurance company finds out that the other party was responsible for your injuries, they will seek reimbursement from the other insurance company. They have more resources and expertise than you do, so you should take advantage of the insurance you pay for and allow your insurance company to seek reimbursement for any costs they cover on your behalf.

If your own health insurance company refuses to cover a procedure, you may want to consider speaking with a lawyer before deciding on a course of action to determine if the proposed procedure is likely to be covered by the eventual settlement award.

Your own insurance company may be denying coverage because it believes the procedure is not medically necessary.  However, the other party’s insurance company cannot do this.  They cannot stand between you and treatment recommended by your physician. Should they choose not to pay, they will be forced to defend that decision in court.

Is the Insurer Required to Pay?

While an insurance company cannot prevent you from obtaining the medical care you desire, they are not required to pay for every imaginable procedure. Often, decisions about medical care are made soon after an accident, before your injury claim has even really begun. After being injured and seeking health care, you will attempt to include hospital and doctors’ bills in the settlement package that the insurance company offers.

As is always the case, the insurance company is a business and will attempt to settle the claim for the lowest amount possible. Assuming you have $10,000 of medical bills, they may only be willingly to pay $5,000. Working with an attorney, you can offer proof that the value of the claim is much higher. Alternatively, your attorney can work with the hospital or doctor to accept the $5,000 as full payment for the care provided.

Our Tucson Accident Attorneys Can Help

If an insurance company is trying to stand between you and medical care that you desire, contact an attorney immediately. A well-qualified attorney will evaluate your claim, and help you seek reimbursement for your health care costs.

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