Documents A Personal Injury Lawyer Needs To Start A Case

Last updated on: September 5, 2022

Many clients that we represent are curious about what evidence is needed to support their personal injury claims. Injury victims lacking evidence are in a difficult position because proof is needed to show that your version of the story is true. In many cases, evidence can be difficult to obtain, and the only way to get it is by going through the process of a full personal injury lawsuit.

Every personal injury claimant should be aware that being organized and meticulous is essential to the success of their claim. Having the right documentation when you arrive for your free case evaluation enables your legal representative to better assess your case. We can determine your legal options with the information you initially provide and other key pieces of evidence. 

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Information to bring when first meeting with a personal injury lawyer

During your free consultation, we will discuss the incident, your injuries, and your legal options regarding a personal injury claim. After we receive the following important documents from you, we can get into the legal aspects of your claim. 

Required Information for Initial Consultation

  • Driver’s license or another kind of identification
  • Home, work, and email addresses
  • Home, work, and mobile phone numbers
  • Copy of insurance policy (if the claim involves insurance)

Important Additional Information 

  • Detailed description of the accident
  • Date injuries were suffered or discovered
  • Names and contact information for those involved 
  • Names and contact information for witnesses 
  • List of injuries you or a loved one experienced
  • Medical reports from a doctor

A personal injury case aims to secure financial compensation to offset your costs and losses. We’ll need to know the “who, what, when, where, and why” details pertaining to your case. To  facilitate sharing this information with us in an understandable format, many clients write down important aspects of their case before speaking with a lawyer.

Useful Documents to support Personal injury claim

Having evidence to back up your claims is critical to their success. If you do not have evidence of the accident, it makes it more difficult to draft pleadings and form the foundation of a winning case. In successful cases, lawyers have strong pieces of evidence that they can use to prove claims.

After your free consultation, you will begin to understand what is needed to have a successful legal claim. To understand what types of evidence you should collect, consider the following useful pieces of evidence: 

Medical Records

Medical records are critical for proving the harm you suffered from both a physical and monetary standpoint. Not only do medical records serve as documentation for your injuries, but they also serve as a receipt of your medical expenses. Accordingly, your medical records are instrumental pieces of evidence.

Bills and Receipts

Bills and receipts provide a record of any costs associated with your accident. These include the pay for the caregiver, the cost of any hotel accommodations if you had to travel for treatment, or any equipment needed to accommodate your injury. Bills and receipts also include pay stubs from work to prove your lost wages.

Copies of Insurance Policies and Police Reports

Copies of insurance policies and police reports are also helpful in proving your injury claims. If you have insurance that covers your injuries, you should provide your attorney with a copy of the policy. Additionally, it is helpful to have the police report if one was created.

Injury Journals

Injury journals give victims the opportunity to write down information about the accident, their pain, and their recovery. Descriptions of your day-to-day life, fears for the future, and a list of people you rely on can serve as crucial evidence for various stages of personal injury litigation.

These forms of evidence are a part of nearly every personal injury case. Without these kinds of evidence, it is less likely that you will be successful when it comes to proving your claims. However, even if you are missing this evidence, we understand that it may be because it is not available to you without compelling someone to give it up. 

Documents we seek to obtain to pursue a personal injury claim

Once someone is put in the defendant’s position, you can expect them to try and keep critical pieces of evidence from getting into the record. Because of this, you will need to seek certain pieces of evidence through discovery to obtain them. The personal injury attorneys from Zinda Law Group are familiar with the process of discovery and can help you obtain evidence that is guarded by adverse parties, including witness testimony, pictures and videos, and expert opinions. 

Witness Testimony

Witness testimony is crucial to proving that your version of the accident is accurate. Sometimes witnesses are no longer available when you go to file your personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you track down parties who witnessed the accident and collect their testimony. 

Pictures and Videos

Photographs and videos are the best evidence in most personal injury cases. Footage from a personal cell phone, traffic camera, or security camera helps establish facts about the events happening while you suffered your injury. Some tapes and footage can be lost over time; therefore, the quicker we launch our investigation, the more likely we will uncover video footage.

Expert Opinions

Expert opinions can be crucial, depending on the circumstances of your case. If your case requires, we might employ experts to analyze the evidence and have them testify to certain matters of fact and opinion. For example, a medical expert may examine your medical records in a case of catastrophic injury and provide us with a professional outlook on the future impact of your injuries.

As mentioned, the defendant and their counsel will try to shield the best available evidence to give them the best chance of avoiding liability. To uncover that evidence, you need to use the process of discovery. The attorneys from Zinda Law Group are experienced in conducting discovery and using the evidence gathered to craft your claims and supporting arguments. 

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Zinda Law Group is a full-service personal injury law office with years of trial experience. We understand what evidence is needed to put together a winning case and realize that such evidence might not be available to you when you file your personal injury claim. However, there are some forms of documentation that you will need to obtain to pursue your legal claims. 

An injury attorney can fully detail your legal options with the proper documents. By providing a free consultation, we hope to put you in an informed position as you pursue your injury claims. With this desire in mind, we offer our “No Win, No Fee” guarantee, which means that you will pay nothing unless we get a favorable outcome for your case. 

Our team is here to listen to the facts of your case and determine how we can help you at this time. We have the knowledge and ability to guide you through each step of the legal process, from the initial investigation to the final judgment, but we can’t help you if we don’t know about your case. 

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