What To Look For In A Truck Accident Lawyer

Last updated on: September 17, 2022

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Truck accidents often involve serious injuries and can result in major changes to a person’s life. That’s why your choice in selecting a truck accident lawyer can be extraordinarily important. For instance, you should only choose an attorney with ample experience in trucking cases and those who are dedicated to client satisfaction. Further, the right attorney should be able to help you in every aspect of your case, from the initial filing to the final judgment.

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10 Things To Look For When Choosing A Truck Accident Lawyer

There are many different attributes to look for when choosing a truck accident attorney. Choosing the right attorney is crucial for a successful outcome in your legal claim, so it is important that you do your research before hiring anyone. The different attributes to look for in a truck accident lawyer include:

1. How Comfortable You Feel

When considering who to hire to represent you in a truck accident case, the first thing to consider is how comfortable you feel with that lawyer based on your conversations with them over the phone or in person.

2. Extensive Experience With Truck Accident Cases

Next, consider whether the attorney has experience handling truck accident cases. Truck accidents are not like an average car accident, as there is a large difference between being hit by a commercial vehicle and being hit by a sedan.

3. Familiarity With Truck Carrier Regulations

There are many additional legal obligations that the operator and driver of a commercial motor vehicle must abide by, such as regulations put forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is important that your attorney understands these truck carrier regulations and knows how to determine if the rules have been followed. For instance, truck drivers are required to be tested for alcohol and drugs in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license.

4. Extensive Experience With Personal Injury Cases

Your attorney should also know how to handle the injuries that you have sustained from the accident. Truck accidents can cause life-threatening injuries that may require specialized care and experts to evaluate your needs in the future. It is important that the attorney you choose understands those issues and has qualified contacts in that area of expertise.

5. Local Knowledge

Not only should your attorney be knowledgeable in trucking laws, but he or she should also maintain knowledge of the area where the accident occurred. Local knowledge is also important if your case goes to trial, as your attorney will be familiar with the local courts and judges.

6. Client Reviews

Client reviews are important to determine what kind of representation to expect. Reading client reviews or watching video testimonials can help show that type of working relationship you may have with your attorney during the entire process.

7. Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Commitment to client satisfaction is also important, as each case is unique and should be handled as such. Truck accident attorneys should go above and beyond for each client they represent.

8. No Upfront Costs

When hiring an attorney, you should not have to worry about paying upfront costs, such as consultation fees or retainers. If a truck accident attorney asks you for some type of deposit, you should consider finding someone else.

9. Only Pay if You Win

Not only should you not pay upfront costs, but you should not pay anything unless your attorney wins your case. In other words, your obligation to pay attorney fees should be contingent upon a successful outcome in your lawsuit. 

10. Fast Results

Lastly, you should find an attorney who is dedicated to providing fast results for his or her clients. It is important for an attorney to resolve cases in a timely and efficient manner through aggressive representation.

Our attorneys have ample experience in trucking cases and cover all these areas, so it is important that you contact Zinda Law Group today to discuss the specifics of your case. We can help in all aspects of your case, including the initial investigation, negotiating with insurance companies, and fighting for you in front of a judge if a favorable settlement cannot be made.

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Due to their immense size, accidents with commercial vehicles can cause substantial property damage and serious physical, and emotional, injuries. For this reason, it is crucial to hire an attorney with years of experience in trucking accidents. The right attorney can help you pursue the maximum amount of compensation available in your specific case.

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