If I Receive a Ticket Am I At Fault For The Accident?

Last updated on: March 12, 2015

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After a motor vehicle wreck, a lot of clients find out at the scene or some time afterward that they were cited or faulted by the investigating police officer. That leads them to their next question which is, how can I recover against the party that hit me if I was the one that was faulted, is my personal injury case over? The answer to that is no. While you have an uphill battle in proving your case if you were faulted or cited, that’s not the end of the inquiry. Usually in situations like these, the officer may not have even had a chance to talk to you about the facts and the circumstances surrounding the collision. That’s because in a lot of motor vehicle wrecks, especially those involving personal injury claims, the injured person required medical assistance and had to leave the scene of the wreck. So maybe the officer didn’t have a chance to talk with you and the only story they’re getting is the one from the opposing party. That may lead the opposing party to misconstrue some of the facts and the circumstances surrounding your collision. So if you’ve been cited or faulted at a wreck, don’t believe you’re at fault and want help with your personal injury case, call our car accident lawyers and discuss the facts of your situation with them for free.

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