Why Do I Need a Trial Lawyer for My Personal Injury Case?

Last updated on: November 30, 2022

Most people do not want to go to trial with their personal injury claim—trials are long and can be expensive. Because of this, you may believe you only need a personal injury lawyer with experience negotiating with insurance companies or achieving a settlement. While negotiation skills are important for your personal injury lawyer to have, you should also get a lawyer who has trial experience and can take your case to trial if necessary.

Having an experienced trial lawyer can make a big difference in the success of your personal injury claim. If you or a loved one has been in an accident, contact the lawyers at Zinda Law Group today for a free case consultation.

Demonstrate Willingness To Go To Trial

You probably do not want to go to trial if you can avoid it—and it is likely that the opposing party, whether it is an insurance company or another corporation, feels the same way. No one wants to go to trial because of how expensive and time-consuming it can be, and oftentimes the threat of going to trial can encourage a party to agree to a settlement in order to avoid the extensive preparation that is required of a trial.

However, this only encourages a party to settle a case more favorably if there is actually a chance of your lawyer taking the case to trial if you do not get a good settlement. If the opposing party knows that your lawyer is not actually prepared to take your case to trial, this isn’t going to be any kind of incentive for them to settle the case in order to avoid trial.

Sometimes You Don’t Have A Choice

A trial is not just a bargaining tool in trying to obtain a settlement. There are some cases where there is truly no other option other than going to trial. In these cases, you will want your lawyer to have trial experience and be able to bring your claim before the court.

If your lawyer does not have trial experience, you may have to get a new lawyer if you want your claim to go to court, and that can be difficult when your claim is already progressed. Your first lawyer will have had all of the experience with the case and will have been working on it for a long time already, and you will have to bring your new trial lawyer up to speed so that he can defend your claim adequately in court. In addition, you will need to pay your first lawyer for the work he has done and pay the second lawyer for the work he does next—it’s much easier to hire a lawyer who can work on your case from beginning to end, even if it ends in a trial.

Give Your Claim The Best Possible Chance

Personal injury claims often depend on evidence that was gathered close to the scene, such as the circumstances of the accident, witness statements, and medical records of any injuries incurred. If you have the same lawyer working on your claim from the first day to the trial, he will be aware of any information that would be helpful to you in event of a trial even at the beginning of your case when you are not anticipating a trial.

This can be very important for your personal injury claim because much of the evidence that could be important in your case needs to be documented early on. For example, witnesses can be a very valuable resource in your case, but their reliability will decrease if they are contacted a long time after the accident occurs. If your lawyer is aware and prepared for the possibility of going to trial from the time he starts working on your case, it will be easier to prepare for trial if one occurs, and your claim will have the strongest angle possible to succeed.

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Hiring an attorney with trial experience does not mean that you want to go trial—any good lawyer will want to achieve the best possible outcome for his client with the least time and expense involved, and so even a trial attorney will try to have your case resolved without resorting to going to trial. But sometimes there is no choice except to go to trial, and in that case, having a lawyer with trial experience will be invaluable to your claim.

At Zinda Law Group, our experienced personal injury attorneys have achieved compensation for numerous clients, both at trial and as settlements. Furthermore, Zinda Law Group has a No-Win, No-Fee Guarantee, meaning that you pay nothing unless you win. Contact the attorneys at Zinda Law Group today for a free case consultation.