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Premises liability law in Garland addresses the issue of someone being hurt while on another person’s property. It provides protection for those who may be conducting business on another person’s property and while there, they become injured.

Injuries like these occur every day across America. Some of them include:

  • Slip and fall while at the grocery store or restaurant
  • Fall into an unexpected opening in the ground
  • A heavy item falls on you while you’re visiting, conducting business or just walking down the street.
  • Defective stairs
  • Torn carpet

There have been cases where individuals sued a business owner because they were shot by a gunman. A recent similar case was the Colorado movie theater shootings. Some of the victims and their families felt that the theater owners were partly responsible for not providing adequate security and other reasons. Cases like this can be difficult to decide and often a verdict one way or the other doesn’t help a grieving family.

Laws like this were made to protect innocent people and provide sufficient encouragement to property owners to keep their property well-maintained. If it were not for premises liability laws, property owners might not take very good care of their premises. The world would be a dangerous place if restaurants, stores, and businesses could leave dangerous items lying around. Because of these laws, businesses are very quick to clean up spills and slick spots where someone could trip and fall.

If you do become injured as a result of some type of danger while on another person’s property, then the law allows you to take legal action. You should not have to pay medical bills and other expenses when injured on someone else’s property. You might be able to recover lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses.

Garland Premises Liability Law

Premises liability laws can hold a property owner responsible for injuries and deaths that occur on his property. This makes a way for the injured to get help but it also keeps the world a safer place.

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