Personal Injury Lawyers in Kyle, Texas

Last updated on: April 17, 2013


The pain and stress that arise from personal injuries can be devastating for individuals and families.  From car accidents to work injuries and everything in between there are many factors that lead to hardship.  There is obviously the physical pain that is incurred, but the emotional stress can be more detrimental to a person’s psyche.   How will you continue to work?  If you can’t work, how will maintain your quality of life? How will you pay for your medical expenses?  What about fixing your car or other property damage?  In a perfect world, insurance companies for those at fault would have the victim’s best interest at heart and fully compensate an individual to assist them in getting their lives as close to what it was before the accident.  Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world.

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group have the skills and experience to be a professional legal advocate on your behalf and assist you with putting all the pieces of your life back together.  While you are focused on healing your body, we are well versed in the processes of filing a claim, which include:  gathering full documentation of the injury and damages like medical bills, treatment expenses, lost wages and any predicted future losses.   Additionally, accurately portraying the non-economic losses associated with your injury is very important.  To put a monetary value on your emotional and psychological stress, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life is something that our attorneys excel at.  If you interest in assistant to mend your life after an injury, please contact us to schedule a case consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Kyle, Texas

Cases We Handle

At Zinda Law Group we handle many types of personal injury cases.  The most common are car accidents.  You’ve seen the guy texting while eating a cheeseburger and it’s made you cringe. Negligent or distracted drivers are all over the place and unfortunately their actions will cause serious damage on occasion.  Work related injuries and dog bites are also common.  We live in a time where hard work and good dog are essential to the American dream and both are embedded in our tradition.  These types of incidents are bound to happen; the key is to be properly represented when they do.  More information about how Zinda Law Group can help you in the event of a car accident is included below.

Sometimes negligence can lead to more catastrophic injuries which can be devastating.  These include paralysis from a car accident because of a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and other life-long medical conditions that insure high medical expenses in the future.  Our attorneys understand the serious nature of catastrophic injury and are fully prepared to get you the recovery that is owed to you.

Other less common accidents where Zinda Law Group has experience include:  defective products that cause an injury, premises liability if you are injured at a place of business because of negligence, bicycle accidents, gas explosions, and medical malpractice.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

There is a crash is a reportable crash somewhere in the state of Texas every 83 seconds and they involve some kind of injury every 2 minutes and 30 seconds according to the Texas Department of Transportation.  After an accident, many things happen.  Most people driving their cars are not joy riding and tend to have some place to be.  The first realization if injuries aren’t severe is that you aren’t going to make it to that place when you thought you were.  The second realization is that your car is now not the fine piece of machinery it was a few minutes before.  If injuries are incurred, there is the worry about paying for the medical expenses on top of the damage to your vehicle.  You quickly realize that there are a slew of legal formalities that must be met to insure that the person at fault his held liable for his or her actions.  If only the other driver would accept blame and wave a magic wand to make your life whole again.  At Zinda Law Group we are currently in the R&D phase of this wand but until then we will continue acting as very knowledgeable and experienced attorneys to wade through the legalities for you.  We know what it takes to actively represent victims of car accidents.  Insurance companies work very hard to lower the amount of money they give to these victims and you deserve someone looking out for your interests that work just as hard.


Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

The philosophy of Zinda Law Group is always to have the client as our number one priority.  The success of our firm can only be achieved through the success of our clients, and our method of payment directly reflects that.  We are very proud to represent our clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning if we are unable to gain a settlement for you, you don’t have to pay us anything.  We get paid when you get paid and this directly aligns our interests; we are your teammate working to get the compensation you are owed.  Because you don’t have to pay any out of pocket expenses or schedule a payment plan of any kind, you can be comfortable knowing that you only pay if we win.  We are not interested in a quick settlement just to be able to wrap up your case and move on, we are interested in just compensation for your damages.

If you are interested in learning more about Zinda Law Group, please watch our videos and read our blogs.  We also have a Frequently Asked Questions section that can put your mind at ease.  We want our clients to be as well educated about the process of a personal injury case as possible.  We are confident that with this education will come the comfort in knowing that you have made the right decision if you decide to obtain our services.  Here are a few steps that we can help with:

  1. 1.        Covering your medical expenses

These can include medical bills, the costs of being hospitalized, expenses for rehab, medical costs that you may incur in the future, medication expenses, the cost of a caretaker or physical therapy, and potential costs from reconstructive surgeries.

  1. 2.        Covering your monetary damages

Monetary damages would include the cost of fixing your car or other personal property, lost wages and future lost earnings.

  1. 3.        Compensating for noneconomic damages

Pain and suffering aren’t just words thrown around in commercials.  If you have are feeling the emotional distress and the loss of quality of life, you should be compensated.  At Zinda Law Group we can help you accomplish that.

If you are ready to make the first step in securing experienced representation, please call our office at 800-863-5312, or tell us about your situation using our free case evaluation form.

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