How To Negotiate An Injury Claim With State Farm Insurance

Settling a claim with State Farm Insurance can be quite a painstaking process. According to a recent study conducted to rank organizations based on revenue, State Farm, the parent firm for numerous financial and insurance companies, came in at number 44. State Farm and its other subsidiaries have come under a lot of criticism for denying compensation to individuals involved in personal injuries.

If you sustain injuries from a personal injury accident like an unsafe property incident or slip and fall, you can pursue compensation from State Farm if you or the building owner are insured with State Farm. Your case will be handled by a claim adjuster. The adjuster represents the interests of State Farm Insurance and is charged with settling your claim at the least possible expense.

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Tips to Reaching a Fair Settlement

Though many people have tried to negotiate with State Farm Insurance to settle their claims, not all succeed. According to recent reports, it is difficult to reach a satisfactory settlement with State Farm. However, to increase your likelihood of getting a favorable settlement, the following are some tips you could try to follow:

  • Giving your adjuster your settlement offer: After you have determined the extent of losses arising from your injuries and the costs incurred, you should gather this information and use it to determine an amount that is a satisfactory settlement. You should bear in mind your losses such as pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing treatment expenses. Send a settlement amount to your claims adjuster indicating how much you want for each loss.
  • Expect a counter offer: Your claim adjuster will probably reject your offer or try to have you agree to an amount that is less than the offer you made. This is usually a ploy to determine what you are willing to accept. Ensure you tell your adjuster to account for any amount that they propose.
  • Determine your adjuster’s priority: Your adjuster is more concerned about the financial security of State Farm than your personal status. Therefore, bear in mind that the adjuster wants to settle your case as fast as possible to avoid public exposure. If you have evidence that will make a court rule in your favor, State Farm will pay more money even without negotiating through an adjuster.

If you feel uneasy negotiating a claim with State Farm, it is advisable to hire a personal injury attorney. Dealing with a claims adjuster can be a trying experience hence the need to have a lawyer by your side. An attorney will ensure you reach a favorable and satisfactory settlement. Furthermore, having legal representation will ensure your claim is settled in the shortest time possible. Call the attorneys at Zinda Law Group today for help at 719-285-6994 for help getting full compensation after an accident.