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When we visit someone else’s property, whether that of a friend or a business, we expect that property to be reasonably safe so we will not have to worry about being injured. Unfortunately, the property owner may not always take proper care and may instead allow dangers to exist on the property while failing to address the hazard or provide any warning of the danger. Whether the risk is slipping and falling on a discarded banana peel at the grocery store or being bitten by someone’s dog when visiting their home, property owners must take care to prevent potential harm to visitors to their property.

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how do premises liability claims work in mesa?

Property owners generally have a duty to make sure that their property is safe from any known hazards for any person present on their property by right or with the property owner’s permission. However, property owners do not always meet this standard. Property owners may be negligent in a number of ways, such as:

  • Failing to clean up a spilled drink in a restaurant
  • Failing to pick up a banana peel in a grocery store
  • Failing to warn visitors of known hazards such as the wet floor or of a dog that may bite

If you have been injured while on someone else’s property in Mesa, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. With the help of an experienced Mesa personal injury lawyer, you may be able to pursue a premises liability claim against the property owner based on the their negligent or reckless actions. After all, property owners or property managers have a duty to prevent circumstances which might cause harm to you while you are visiting, especially if you had a right to be on their property.

Common causes of premises liability claims

A wide variety of potential injuries may be sustained while you are on someone else’s property; these injuries vary depending on the size and nature of the property as well as whether the property is commercial or private. Some of the most common causes of premises liability claims arising from the negligence of property owners that may result in injuries include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Fire or explosion accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Hot tub or swimming pool injuries at public pools, hotels, resorts, or private residences
  • Toxic chemical or substance exposure
  • Escalator, elevator, sidewalk, or stairway accidents
  • Failure to regularly maintain the property
  • Failure to regularly inspect the property for hazards, such as wet floors or uneven sidewalks
  • Failure to enact and enforce adequate security measures

common injuries

Unfortunately, the negligence of property owners can result in victims suffering serious injuries, the severity of which depend on the nature of the accidents. The potential injuries routinely suffered by victims pursuing premises liability claims in Mesa include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Concussions
  • Crush injuries
  • Open head wounds
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Bruises, lacerations, or puncture wounds
  • Broken, fractured, or dislocated bones
  • Serious strains or sprains
  • Neck or back injuries
  • Internal bleeding or internal organ damage

how do levels of care vary among classifications of visitors?

Under Arizona law, the level of care owed to visitors by property owners may vary depending upon how the person is classified. The measures that must be taken by a property owner or manager will generally depend upon which of the following classifications apply to the visitor:


Licensees are generally considered to be anyone who was invited to the property as a guest of the owner, such as guests visiting the house of a family member, neighbor, or friend. For licensees, the property owner may be liable for any injuries suffered by the guest if the owner was aware of the dangerous condition which caused the accident but failed to remedy the situation or provide an adequate warning of the hazard to allow the guest to avoid the harm.

However, if the licensee is a child, then the warning provided by the property owner of any known hazards must also take into account:

  • The child’s level of intelligence
  • The extent to which the hazard may have been concealed on the property
  • The child’s ability to appreciate such a warning


Invitees typically include anybody who is on the property for a commercial reason, such as a customer, maintenance worker, or a salesman. Property owners owe invitees a duty of reasonable care to maintain the property to be reasonably safe; they must also adequately warn of any dangerous conditions.


Trespassers can usually only hold a property owner liable for any injuries if the property owner willfully or maliciously caused the trespasser’s harm, such as by setting booby traps to intentionally injure any trespasser. For child trespassers, the property owner may still be liable if he or she knew or should have known that children could trespass on the property, or if there was an “attractive nuisance” on the property that the property owner knew was likely to attract child trespassers.

how can zinda law group help you?

Premises liability claims can be complex, especially if you were injured on the property of a large commercial business that will often have a team of lawyers or its own insurance company to defend against claims such as yours and make sure the business pays as little as possible. Many times, the business’s insurance company may refuse to pay a fair amount to settle your claim. Fortunately, a skilled Mesa from Zinda Law Group can help you understand your legal options if you have been injured on someone else’s property.

The skilled team from Zinda Law Group will allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries after the accident while your attorney handles your claim. Our Zinda Law Group lawyers have years of experience helping other victims of premises liability accidents pursue the maximum compensation they may be entitled to after their accidents, and your lawyer will use this experience and knowledge of Arizona laws to best represent you. Further, your attorney may help you pursue compensation by taking on the following tasks:

  • Thoroughly investigating your accident to gather any available evidence to prove the property owner’s liability
  • Obtaining the assistance of any expert witnesses who may be necessary to support your claim
  • Evaluating your injuries and damages to determine the amount of compensation you may be entitled to
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the property owner and any other potentially liable parties such as co-owners or negligent employees
  • Negotiating with insurance companies or at-fault parties on your behalf to seek a reasonable settlement agreement and avoid the delay and expenses of a trial
  • Preparing your case for trial if necessary and taking your case to trial to present your claim using the evidence gathered during the attorney’s thorough investigation

Finally, your attorney can help you understand the Arizona statute of limitations for premises liability, which sets the legal time limits for filing any potential claim seeking compensation for your injuries. Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes Section 12-542, Arizona law requires any premises liability lawsuit, along with other personal injury cases, to be filed within two years from the date of the accident.

If you slipped and fell in Mesa or suffered some other injury while on someone else’s property, such as a dog bite, you should contact Zinda Law Group today to discuss your legal options and determine how our skilled team may be able to help you pursue any compensation you may be entitled to.

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We all expect a reasonable level of safety when we leave our homes to run errands, shop for groceries, eat at restaurants, visit a friend or neighbor, or otherwise visit someone else’s property. Unfortunately, a property owner or manager may fail to live up to these expectations of safety by negligently causing unsafe conditions, failing to properly address and mitigate dangerous hazards, or by failing to warn visitors to the property of any potential hazards that are known to the property owner.

Whether you slipped and fell in Mesa or suffered some other injury while on someone else’s property, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney from Zinda Law Group as soon as you can after your accident to discuss your potential legal options and whether you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries or damages. By scheduling a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Mesa from Zinda Law Group, you can better understand your options as well as who may be liable for your injuries. Our skilled team has years of experience in helping other accident victims pursue maximum compensation for their premises liability claims, and your lawyer will use this experience to your advantage. 

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