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If you suffer a slip and fall or other injury on someone else’s property in Texas, you may have a premises liability cause of action under Texas law. You can sue because of negligence due to an activity on the property or negligence due to a premises defect. Texas law limits the time that you have to file a personal injury lawsuit, so if you slipped and fell or suffered an injury due to negligence on another person’s property, contact the Waco, Texas premises liability lawyers at Zinda Law Group for a consultation. We use our knowledge and experience to protect your rights and fight to win you the compensation that you deserve.

Negligent activity requires affirmative negligence by the property owner, controller, or occupier. This negligence causes the injury. On the other hand, premises defect occurs when the owner, controller, or occupier of the property fails to reasonably make the property safe. What you must prove in a premises defect cause of action depends upon your status on the property. Texas law designates three different statuses of visitors to property. A visitor may be an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser. Understanding which group you occupy will help you understand how to prove your case at trial. In many cases, owners contest a person’s status on the premises to try to avoid liability. An experienced premises liability lawyer can help you determine your status as a visitor, collect evidence, and find witnesses to support your position.

An invitee enters the property and the owner, controller or occupier knows of the invitee’s visit. The purpose of the visit is for the mutual benefit of both parties. An invitee can prove premises defect by showing that the owner, controller or occupier knew or should have known of a condition on the premises; the condition caused an unreasonable chance of harm; the owner, controller or occupier did not take reasonable care to eliminate or reduce the risk and the failure of the owner, controller or occupier to take reasonable care caused the injury to the invitee.

A licensee enters and remains on property with consent of the owner for the licensee’s own benefit or to do business with a person other than the owner. A licensee plaintiff in a premises defect case must show that a condition on the property caused an unreasonable chance of harm; the owner had actual knowledge of that condition; the licensee did not have any knowledge of the condition; the owner failed to exercise ordinary care and that failure to exercise car caused the injury to the licensee.

A trespasser is someone who enters property without permission, which is why trespassers have the fewest rights under Texas law. Property owner, controllers or occupiers will be liable for premises defect if the trespasser proves that the owner, controller or occupier willfully, wantonly or through gross negligence injured the trespasser.

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