Business Insurance Claims Lawyers in Austin

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Corporate insurance is big business in central Texas. For business owners in and around Austin, you probably know this from the size of your insurance premiums. You have to pay significant money each month to insure your business’s assets. Perhaps your insurance covers your buildings. In some cases, the insurance might cover catastrophic loss or even injuries to potential customers. When you pay good money for this insurance, you expect your business insurance claims to be handled in a fair manner. You expect that when you have to use that insurance, the insurer will pay the claim quickly and without incident. Unfortunately for some business owners, things do not always work out this way.

When insurance providers act in bad faith

There might be times when your business insurance claims are denied. Despite doing everything right, your claim might be denied by an insurance company acting in bad faith. Insurance providers agree to act reasonably and fairly when they enter into a contract with you. When an insurance company fails in its responsibility, contact the lawyers at Zinda Law Group.

Filing a lawsuit when your claim is denied

If your business insurance claims are wrongly denied, then your recourse may come in the courts. Insurance companies are contractually required to pay out your legitimate claims. Sometimes, though, they need the urging from court. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group can help you file a proper lawsuit when you have this sort of issue. It is important that you file the suit in the right court and within the statute of limitations.

Pushing for a fast settlement

Most insurance companies do not want to go to court. Trials can cost them a lot of money, and in many cases, they would have been better off paying the claim in the first place. These insurers know this, too, and they’re often willing to settle if they know that you are serious. Having a good attorney on your side can help you in these negotiations. The attorneys at Zinda Law Group can put pressure on your insurance company. They can use their leverage to push for a quick settlement so that your business can start going again.

Taking the matter to court

In a few cases, it might be necessary to run your claim all the way to a district court. Insurance companies that fail to act in good faith can be held liable for the amount of the claim, and in some cases, they can have further liability in your case. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, take the first step in resolving your dispute by contacting the attorneys at Zinda Law Group.