What To Do About Back Pain After A Car Accident

Last updated on: September 5, 2022

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Did your back start to hurt sometime after a car accident? Don’t worry: if you haven’t signed a release of liability with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, there’s a good chance a Dallas car accident lawyer can still help you get compensation for the pain you are having, even months after the accident.

If you start feeling back pain, do not ignore it. Many back injuries can take weeks or even months before they begin manifesting symptoms. Don’t ignore your pain, or else your injury may get worse as time passes.

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How To Manage Back Pain After A Car Accident

There are many different ways to manage back pain following a motor vehicle accident. The type of pain management you should use will be dependent on your specific injury, so seek medical advice from a doctor or healthcare professional before attempting to treat yourself. Common pain management techniques include: 

Rest, Ice, And Heat

One way to manage back pain is to first rest, then to apply either ice or heat. Rest is a key element in the healing process. This may mean that you should take some time off work and avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time. 

Heat and cold therapy may also prove beneficial when managing back pain. This treatment is simple, inexpensive, and often readily available. 

Heat packs may even be made by filling a sock with rice and heating it in the microwave if you do not have a heat patch or commercial adhesive heat wrap. Further, cold packs can be as simple as a bag of frozen vegetables. 

It is important to note that you should always use heat and cold therapy intermittently, for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and with a 2-hour break in between. This helps avoid skin and nerve damage.  

Gentle Exercise

Gently moving around is also good for your back pain. Certain types of exercises help to support your spine and strengthen your back, stomach, and leg muscles. 

Examples of gentle exercises that may help alleviate pain include partial crunches, hamstring stretches, wall sits, and lifting weights. Always speak to a healthcare professional before exercising your back, however, as some types of movements may not be recommended for your specific type of injury.

Massage Therapy

Message therapy is a commonly used aid for back pain and is often encouraged by healthcare providers. Massage therapy provides many important health benefits, as it improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles for an enhanced range of motion, and leads to an increase in endorphin levels. Aside from helping with back pain, massage therapy has also been shown to reduce depression and improve sleep. 

Chiropractic Care 

A competent chiropractor can help you alleviate your pain without needing painful surgery or spending hundreds of dollars on expensive medications. In fact, there have been many studies that have concluded that the manual therapies used by chiropractors are typically effective for the treatment of lower back pain, radiculopathy, and neck pain, among other conditions. 

After you have spoken to a healthcare professional regarding your back pain, you should speak to a knowledgeable car accident attorney to begin your lawsuit. Contact Zinda Law Group today to discuss your potential case. 

Frequently Asked Questions

After getting into a car accident, you may be left feeling anxious and confused. Zinda Law Group attorneys are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding back pain from a car accident. Below are frequently asked questions regarding this topic: 

What Does Back Pain From A Car Accident Feel Like?

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries to your back. For example, you may be suffering from a back sprain, herniated disk, or bone fracture. 

The type of pain you may be experiencing will depend on many factors, including where the injury took place, the type of injury, and the severity of the injury. You could be suffering from burning or sharp pain, an achy, throbbing pain, muscle stiffness, or numbness. 

How Long Should Your Back Hurt After A Car Accident?

The length of time it takes to heal after a car accident will also depend on a variety of factors. Most types of back pain will ease between a few days and a few weeks. If the pain lasts longer than 3 months, it is considered chronic, and you should seek medical attention.  

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