What Qualities Do The Best Car Accident Lawyers All Have?

Last updated on: September 14, 2022

A good personal injury lawyer with experience handling car accidents can make a huge difference when it comes to the outcome of your case. In this article we’ll review where to start your search and the important questions you’ll want to ask when interviewing potential attorneys to represent you.  

Note that many personal injury attorneys offer free consultations so do not be afraid to shop around and find the attorney that is right for you.

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Experience Handling Car Accident Cases

Like anything else in the professional world, experience makes a big difference. During your initial consultation with the attorney, ask them questions about their experience: 

  • How many car accident cases have you handled? 
  • When was the last time you handled one of these cases? 
  • How many have you settled in favor of your clients? 
  • Have you ever taken a case to trial? 

These questions will help you gauge whether the attorney has a track record with similar types of cases. You likely don’t want to end up with an attorney who handles contracts, tax or estate planning and has never tried a car wreck case before. An experienced car accident attorney will be better suited to help you secure the compensation you deserve from other drivers involved in the accident and insurance companies.

A History of Success

Working with a car accident attorney who has a track record of getting justified compensation for their clients will put your mind at ease when deciding to work with a particular attorney. Be sure to investigate the attorney and their firm before hiring them. Typically, a firm will have information on their website concerning their rates of success with cases as well as client testimonials.

Google reviews are another great way to gauge the attorneys’ success rate for their clients.

Resources to Handle Your Case

There are two main resources to consider when interviewing an attorney. These are time and money

You want a lawyer who has the time to focus on your case. Avoid lawyers who are juggling many cases without a team to help work these cases. Additionally, you want to hire a firm that has the financial resources to front the costs associated with litigation. A firm without these resources could be doing you a disservice.

A lawyer working in a large personal injury firm will likely have the resources and team to help handle your case; focusing on your needs as you pursue maximum compensation.

Excellent Communication Skills

The legal system can be highly technical and complicated, and you will want to work with an attorney who can explain everything you need to know clearly and succinctly. A great attorney will keep you informed about the progress of your case and will be able to answer any questions that you have.

Develops Relationships with Clients

You want to work with an auto accident attorney who genuinely cares about you and your case. They should be empathetic to what you are going through and show compassion when you tell them the specifics of your experience. They should make it clear to you that your case is important regardless of the extent of your injuries or damage to your property.

You do not want to feel as though your case is being ‘passed around’ to other attorneys at the firm. If the attorney consulting with you is not the attorney working on your case, ask to speak to the actual attorney who will be handling the work.

Gives Clear Guidance for Next Steps

You may be unsure of what you should do after being involved in an accident; a good auto accident lawyer will guide you through what happens next. 

First, the lawyer should tell you how to protect yourself by seeking medical attention and obtaining documentation regarding your injuries. They will also advise you not to use doctors recommended by car insurers when seeking medical attention.

An experienced lawyer will advise you on how to collect other evidence by pictures of the damage to your car and your injuries and obtaining the police report of the accident and remind you to keep all of this necessary documentation in one place.

A lawyer who has handled many cases will tell you that you should not give a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance company, since this statement will likely be used against you by the insurance company. Insurance companies looking to lower your settlement will sift through recorded statements in an attempt to find discrepancies between past and future statements. 

Discusses Your Goals

An attorney will work hard to help you achieve the results you want from the situation and listen to you when you tell them what you want to receive from your claim. A good attorney will also be realistic about what you can achieve in your case and balance your goals with precedents set by similar cases.

Legal Fees and Agreements

Understandably, an important concern for most people looking for a lawyer is the cost. The cheapest attorney you find may not be the best for you, but the more expensive attorney may not be the best fit either. Whichever way you decide, it is important to discuss costs once you have chosen an auto accident lawyer to represent you.

The lawyer you choose should be upfront with you about the costs of your case and walk you through the fee agreement. There are a few types of payment structures used by lawyers, including contingency fees, flat fees, and hourly rates.

Under a flat fee agreement, you will make a one-time payment upfront when you hire the lawyer, and the lawyer will keep the payment regardless of the outcome of your case. These types of fees are usually used in cases that are straightforward and routine.

Hourly fees are exactly what they seem: A lawyer will charge a set amount per hour for the work they do on your case. Though this fee arrangement is most used by lawyers, it is less common in personal injury cases.

A contingency fee agreement bases a lawyer’s compensation on the amount a client recovers in a case. This is the type of fee arrangement you are most likely to encounter in a personal injury case.

Typically, if the lawyer is successful in pursuing your claim, they will receive thirty to forty percent of the settlement or awarded damages on your claim. If your claim is unsuccessful, the lawyer does not get anything. Depending on the terms of the agreement, however, you may still be responsible for court filing costs or fees associated with gathering evidence. 

Once you come to an agreement with the lawyer about the fee arrangement and costs, the next step is to set up a contract. You should get this agreement in writing and be sure that it covers all of the contingencies associated with accepting your case.

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