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Case Results


The lawyers of Zinda Law Group PLLC’s aggressive representation, experience and thorough preparation of all cases has enabled our lawyers to achieve an outstanding record of success. We are proud of the verdicts and settlements that we have achieved for our deserving clients. The following is a sample of some of the results the attorneys of Zinda Law Group PLLC have helped obtain on behalf of our clients.



Where are the amounts? We leave out the amount of our settlements because we believe it can be misleading.  Every case is different and it is impossible to base your recovery on someone else’s. Only after a thorough investigation can an attorney even begin to give you an idea of what you may be entitled to under the law. 


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Car Accident

Pregnant Woman Hit by a Driver That Ran a Stop Sign
Our client was proceeding through an intersection, when her vehicle was struck by a driver that ran a 2-way stop sign. She was pregnant at the time, and spent a couple of days in the hospital as a result of the car accident. The client was compensated for her injuries and medical expenses, thanks to the work of our attorney.


Pedestrian Car Accident

Client Hit in Crosswalk by an Uninsured Motorist
The elderly client was walking in a crosswalk on her way to work. She waited for the walk signal and took about four steps before she was struck by a vehicle. The client was injured in the accident and went through several rounds of physical therapy. Our attorney succeeded in getting compensation for this client, despite the driver being uninsured.


Pedestrian Car Accident

Maximum Recovery Despite Very Difficult Liability
Clients were walking across a street, not in a crosswalk, and they were struck by a vehicle that was making a U-turn at an intersection. Both clients were taken to the emergency room as a result of the accident. One client spent 3 days in the ICU. Our attorney was able to get the full recovery amount, even though the original crash report was not in the clients’ favor.


Car Accident

Recovered Full Policy Limit For The Client
Client was driving through an intersection and was hit by another driver who pulled in front of her without paying attention. Injuries from the accident caused the client to take a trip to the emergency room. Our attorney was able to recover the full policy limit amount for the client.


Car Accident

Drunk Driver Hits Woman’s Car and Knocks Her Into A Guardrail
When a drunk driver crashed into the client’s vehicle, she was slammed into a nearby guardrail. Her vehicle was destroyed and she now has to visit a chiropractor multiple times a week. Our lawyer got the opposing party to accept liability and pay the claim, giving the client full compensation.


Bike Accident

Cyclist Struck by Vehicle in Intersection
A cyclist waited her turn to cross an intersection, and a vehicle blindsided her and caused her to crash into the pavement. Her medical bills were high, and insurance was only offering to pay a very insignificant amount. Our attorney was able to get the insurance company to pay the full amount needed for the client, significantly more than what was offered before she consulted with an attorney.


Car Accident

One Car Collision Involving A Minor Child
The driver of the vehicle swerved onto a curb, claiming to attempt to avoid another vehicle that was coming into the lane. This caused the vehicle to flip multiple times. No other vehicle was involved. A young child was severely injured in the accident. The family was able to recover the full policy limits with the insurance company with the help of our attorney.


Wrongful Death  Truck Accident

Compensation for Family of Victim in Trucking Accident That Lead to the Death of a Good Samaritan
A large commercial truck crashed into a stranded vehicle and killed a Good Samaritan who had stopped to help. Jack Zinda successfully represented the Good Samaritan’s family and was able to hold the negligent trucking company responsible recovering the maximum amount available from the insurance company of the trucking company.


Car Accident

Four Children Recover Policy Limits in Car Accident
Four small children were involved in a serious car accident in which each suffered several broken bones when another driver ran a red light. Jack Zinda was able to recover the maximum amount available from both the third party driver and the under-insured motorist coverage.


Wrongful Death

Gas Explosion – Gas Distributor Agrees to Confidential Settlement
In a highly contentious case a gas distributor agreed to settle the claims of the estate of a woman who died in a gas explosion.


Car Accident

Pregnant Woman involved in Severe Car Wreck
A mother to be was nearly killed when a negligent driver ran a red light causing severe injuries to her. Jack Zinda represented the mother. She recovered the maximum amount available from the insurance of the responsible party.


Wrongful Death Truck Accident

Settlement Reached in Death Caused by Negligent Trucking Company
A large commercial truck ran a red light disregarding the safety of other drivers on the road. The truck slammed into another vehicle killing the passengers. The truck driver initially said that he did not run the red light. Through a thorough investigation it was established that the truck driver had indeed ran the red light leading to the deaths of the young men. Jack Zinda successfully represented one of the passenger’s families and was able to hold the responsible truck driver and its company accountable.


Drunk Driver Car Accident

Drunk Driver Held Responsible for Actions
A drunk driver severely injured a young man while driving in Austin, Texas. Jack Zinda successfully represented the young man and recovered the maximum amount available under the insurance policy of the driver.


If you would like more examples please contact us and we would be happy to provide them to you.

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