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Last updated on: October 30, 2012

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The personal injury attorneys of Zinda Law Group have built an outstanding record of success by bringing extensive experience, thorough preparation, and aggressive representation to all our cases.

We are proud of the verdicts and settlements that we have achieved for our deserving clients. The following is a sample of just some of the results our firm has helped obtain on behalf of  individuals and families.

Where are the amounts? We leave out the amount of our settlements because we believe it can be misleading.  Every case is different, and it is impossible to base your recovery on someone else’s. Only after a thorough investigation can an attorney even begin to give you an idea of what you may be entitled to under the law. 

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Wrongful Death / Commercial Vehicle Policy / Children Involved / Driving While Distracted

Fatal Accident Caused By Distracted Commercial Truck Driver
A father was driving with his family when they were rear-ended by a commercial vehicle driver who was speeding through a construction zone during heavy traffic while also handling a cell phone. Our client and his wife soon succumbed to a series of fatal injuries, and their child also sustained catastrophic wounds. On behalf of the family, Jack Zinda and the Zinda Law Group successfully recovered damages for two wrongful death claims and for medical expenses in less than 12 months.

Wrongful Death / Commercial Vehicle / Tractor Trailer / Jack Knife / Heavy Load

Family Received Compensation in Wrongful Death Case
A tractor trailer carrying a heavy load of lumber lost control and jack knifed, colliding with an oncoming car, killing the driver, and wounding her two granddaughters who were in the back seat. The family of the deceased came to us for help, and attorneys Jack Zinda, Joseph Caputo and Ryan Toomey successfully mounted a wrongful death case on their behalf. After compiling evidence and litigating against the opposing party’s insurance company, the truck driver was found 100% at fault and the family was able to recovery for monetary and emotional damages for the maximum policy limits.

Wrongful Death / Commercial Vehicle Policy / Ran Red Light

Settlement Reached in Death Caused by Negligent Trucking Company
A large commercial truck ran a red light disregarding the safety of other drivers on the road. The truck slammed into another vehicle killing the passengers. The truck driver initially said that he did not run the red light. Through a thorough investigation, it was established that the truck driver had indeed run the red light leading to the deaths of the young men. Jack Zinda successfully represented one of the passenger’s families and was able to hold the responsible truck driver and its company accountable.

Wrongful Death / Truck Accident / Commercial Vehicle Policy

Settlement Reached in Death Caused by Negligent Trucking Company
A large commercial truck ran a red light disregarding the safety of other drivers on the road. The truck slammed into another vehicle killing the passengers. The truck driver initially said that he did not run the red light. Through a thorough investigation it was established that the truck driver had indeed ran the red light leading to the deaths of the young men. Jack Zinda successfully represented one of the passenger’s families and was able to hold the responsible truck driver and its company accountable.

Wrongful Death / Gas Explosion / Propane Company Held Liable

Gas Explosion – Propane Gas company Compensates Family
A propane gas company did not properly install a propane tank which led to a leak and the eventual destruction of a home and the death of one family member and serious injury of several others. After litigation was commenced the propane company quickly agreed to the settlement demand made by Zinda Law Group.

Wrongful Death / Gas Explosion

Gas Explosion – Gas Distributor Agrees to Confidential Settlement
In a highly contentious case a gas distributor agreed to settle the claims of the estate of a woman who died in a gas explosion thanks to Jack Zinda and his team.

Wrongful Death / Dump Truck / Commercial Vehicle Policy

Dump Truck Tips Over In Fatal Accident
Inexperienced trucking company and driver raised a rear-end dump trailer that tipped over and crushed our client, killing him instantly. The company and driver did not clear the area or warn the public of the dangers of what they were doing. Our firm was able to recover the maximum amount of insurance available from the trucking company.

Wrongful Death / Father and Mother Killed / Commercial Vehicle Policy

Family of Man and Woman Killed by Commercial Vehicle See Maximum Compensation
A commercial vehicle operator was driving on a major interstate at approximately 75 miles per hour. Distracted by several devices, the driver slammed into the back of a vehicle that was stopped due to traffic. The impact killed the passengers and catastrophically injured another. The driver was not held accountable in criminal court, so the family hired Jack Zinda and the Zinda Law Group to ensure this did not happen again and the loss of their loved ones would not be in vain. Our firm immediately filed suit on the matter and aggressively pursued the case, and we were able to resolve the case within 10 months of the matter being filed.

Wrongful Death / Good Samaritan / Commercial Vehicle Policy

Compensation for Family of Victim in Trucking Accident That Lead to the Death of a Good Samaritan
A large commercial truck crashed into a stranded vehicle and killed a Good Samaritan who had stopped to help. Jack Zinda successfully represented the Good Samaritan’s family and was able to hold the negligent trucking company responsible recovering the maximum amount available from the insurance company of the trucking company.

Wrongful Death / Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice – Hospital Negligence Leads to Teen’s Death
A hospital’s negligence led to the death of one of its patients. The hospital failed to take a simple precaution which if had been done would have prevented the patient’s death. Jack Zinda represented the family of the young man and held the hospital financially responsible for its actions.

Rear-end Collision / Driving While Distracted

Clients injured after being rear-ended by a distracted driver

Our client was traveling eastbound on D1/2 Road in Grand Junction, Colorado. As our client approached the intersection of D1/2 Road and Florence Road, a school bus stopped in front of her to drop off children at the bus stop near the intersection. Our client stopped for the school bus in front of her. At the same time, another driver was also driving eastbound on D1/2 Road, and struck our client from behind.


18-Wheeler / Rear-End Accident / Surgical Treatment

Clients injured after being rear-ended by an 18-wheeler

As our clients were traveling eastbound in the left lane of traffic on Louis Henna Boulevard in Round Rock, Texas, another driver operating an 18-wheeler in the course and scope of his employment was driving in the lane to the left to our clients. As his traffic lane ended, the other driver attempted to merge behind our clients and rear-ended them.


Head-on Collision / Uninsured Driver / Fractured Toe

Client injured in head-on collision with an uninsured driver

As our client was traveling on a rural two-lane road on his way to work, an uninsured driver was traveling eastbound in the opposite direction. The other driver crossed the center yellow stripe and drove into the oncoming traffic, slamming into the front of our client’s vehicle. 


Trip & Fall / Wrist Fractures

Client injured at a local home improvement store

After shopping around the store for a couple of minutes, our client proceeded to the front of the store through a narrow aisle with shelves of dog food. The store’s staff had left three small pallets used for moving product in the walkway our client was using. As our client crossed through the aisle, he tripped over the scattered pallets, sticking both arms out to brace his fall.


Head on Collision / Ran Red Light

Settlement reached for client injured in head on collision after driver runs red light

After dropping his son off at his parents’ house, our client was traveling westbound on Highway 86 in Castle Rock Colorado. Upon approaching the intersection of Enderud Boulevard, he pulled into the left to turn lane and waited. When the protected left turn arrow turned green, our client began to turn from Highway 86 onto Enderud Boulevard. Another vehicle traveling eastbound approached the intersection of Enderud Boulevard. The driver of this vehicle disregarded her red light, and crashed into the front right side of our client’s vehicle.


T-Bone Collision / Distracted Driver

Compensation received in distracted driving case

After leaving lunch on Christmas Day, our client stopped at a red light at the US-290 frontage road and Loop 1 (Mopac) intersection. Once the light turned green, our client followed other cars through the intersection. As our client entered the intersection, another vehicle traveling southbound on the Mopac frontage road ran a red light.


Dog Bite / Broken Finger / Full Policy Limits

Client injured after pit bull escapes owner’s yard

While sitting on her back porch with her dog, our client heard another dog barking and banging itself against the fence between her property and her neighbor’s property. The dog in the neighboring property continued to bang against the fence. Shortly after, our client heard a wooden plank crack, and when she looked towards the fence, she saw two planks of the wooden fence break.


Car Accident / Pedestrian / Distracted Driver / Commercial Vehicle Policy

Compensation for pedestrian struck by company vehicle

Our client, a high school student in Denver, Colorado, exited the school bus and began walking home. At the same time, a commercial vehicle operator was traveling eastbound on East Girard Avenue, approaching the intersection she needed to cross. When the signal changed to the walk sign, our client began crossing the intersection.


Ski Accident / Multiple Fractures / Full Policy Limits

Settlement reached for snowboarder who was struck by another skiier

Our client, an outdoor enthusiast and a skillful snowboarder, was snowboarding down a green slope at a popular ski resort in Colorado. As our client made a side-turn behind a “SLOW” sign on the slope, another skier who was traveling at a high rate of speed struck him from behind.


Car Accident / Motorcyclist / Torn Rotator Cuff

Motorcyclist struck by negligent driver receives compensation for injuries

One morning, our client was riding his motorcycle in Austin, Texas. He proceeded straight on a green light in the far right lane of Brushy Creek Road. At approximately the same time, another driver made a right-hand turn at a red light to head westbound on Brushy Creek Road, and entered the far right lane in front of oncoming traffic and our client’s motorcycle.


Car Accident / Speeding Driver / Rollover / Commercial Vehicle Policy

Settlement reached for victim of collision caused by speeding driver

Early one morning, our client was traveling on I-20 in Mesquite, Texas in a work vehicle at the direction of his employer. As he was traveling in the center lane, another driver approached our client from behind while traveling at an unreasonable speed, striking his vehicle.


Parking Lot Car Accident / Pedestrian / Multiple Fractures

Injured pedestrian receives compensation from uninsured motorist coverage

After purchasing items from a home improvement store in El Paso, TX, our client was walking in front of the store back to his vehicle. As he crossed the street to the parking lot, a driver attempting to turn left onto the street failed to yield the right-of-way and hit our client with his vehicle.


T-Bone Collision / Failure to Yield

Settlement reached for driver who was t-boned by car that failed to yield

Our client was driving northbound with a passenger in the 1200 block of Yarbrough in El Paso, Texas. As they approached the intersection with Candlewood, another vehicle was driving in the opposite direction, headed southbound on Yarbrough.

The other vehicle attempted to turn left, across our client’s lane onto Candlewood. This turn caused our client to crash into the passenger side of the other vehicle. The wreck caused injury to our client and his passenger as well as catastrophic damage to his car.


Car Accident / Pedestrian / Multiple Fractures / Life-Flighted to Hospital / Full Policy Limits

Full policy limits recovered for pedestrian who was life-flighted from scene of accident

Our client and his daughter were traveling northbound on Highway 69 in Bells, Texas to pick up their dog. Unfortunately, their dog had recently been hit by a car and was on the highway. As they approached the dog, our client stopped the car and turned on his hazard lights. He then got out of the vehicle to pick up his dog from the road.

As our client was walking back to his car with the dog in hand, another vehicle was traveling southbound on Highway 69. The driver failed to keep a proper lookout and hit the front driver’s side of our client’s vehicle and then proceeded to strike our client’s body with their car at high speed. The impact threw our client over the car and onto the asphalt.


Motorcycle Accident / Hit and Run / Multiple Fractures

Victim of hit and run receives compensation for injuries sustained while riding motorcycle

Our client was riding his motorcycle northbound on Pond Springs Road in Austin, Texas. At the same time, the defendant traveling westbound on San Felipe Boulevard was approaching a T-intersection with Pond Springs Road.

As our client proceeded, the defendant did not yield the right-of-way to our client and pulled out in front of him, causing the collision.


Slip and Fall / Muscle Tear / Commercial Policy

Settlement reached for shopper injured due to retailer’s negligence

While visiting a friend in Fredericksburg, Texas, S.L. decided to take a trip to the store, to pick up some food and picnic supplies they needed for plans later that day. It had been raining that day and was slightly overcast as she entered the store.

This particular store was equipped with a skylight located above the produce section. Unbeknownst to S.L., the skylight had been left open during a rainstorm. This allowed a puddle of water to accumulate on the floor in the produce section.


Car Accident / Rollover / Multiple Fractures

Settlement reached for driver whose vehicle rolled over after high impact, rear-end collision

Whilst waiting for traffic to move again, the car traveling behind our client failed to maintain an assured clear distance and rear-ended him at full speed. The force of the collision caused our client’s truck to flip multiple times and land upside down leaving him injured.


Motorcycle Accident / Deer in Road / Multiple Fractures / Full Policy Limits

Motorcycle passenger receives compensation for motorcycle accident due to deer in the road

Our client was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle on State Highway 55 in Edward County, Texas when a deer ran across the road. Unfortunately, our client was injured in the collision with the deer because the driver of the motorcycle did not react quickly enough and took faulty evasion action. The collision threw our client off the motorcycle and caused her severe injuries.


Rear End Collision / Drunk Driver / Cervical Disc Bulge

Driver rear-ended by drunk driver receives compensation for their injuries

While on her way to meet friends for dinner after finishing her working day, L.G. merged into the center turn lane on Burnet Road with the intention of turning left onto Cullen Avenue. L.G. had come to a complete stop and was sitting in the center lane with her left-hand blinker on as she waited for oncoming traffic to pass so that she could safely make her left turn.


If you would like more examples please contact us and we would be happy to provide them to you.

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