Brain Injury Lawyers in College Station, Texas

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For many victims of car accidents, assaults, sporting tragedies or even warfare, external injuries become the initial focus of attention. However, for many of these individuals, the hardest injuries to overcome are often the least visible. Traumatic brain injuries occur when blunt force to the head causes direct damage to the brain, leading to life-long consequences such as headaches, seizures, speech difficulties, cognitive impairments, paralysis, personality changes, and even death. The lives of victims with traumatic brain injuries and the lives of their families will never be the same, but with the right legal support from experienced brain injury lawyers, at least some of the burden can be alleviated.

The lawyers at Zinda Law Group focus their legal experience on personal injury claims including traumatic brain injuries. Our experienced brain injury attorneys have years of direct involvement in personal injury law including countless successful litigation and representations throughout Texas. The entire Zinda Law Group legal team approaches traumatic brain injury cases with the goal of earning the best compensation possible for their clients. Traumatic brain injury victims in the College Station and Bryan areas of Texas can take comfort in knowing that John Zinda and all our attorneys fight for justice for their clients across three financial domains.

Following an injury, most victims are overwhelmed by medical expenses, many of which are not covered by health insurance or include a large deductible. These expenses can be long-lasting for traumatic brain injuries, many of the symptoms require years of rehabilitation or medication. Zinda Law Group help victims identify all of these expenses and file an appropriate claim. Traumatic brain injuries result in other forms of financial loss including property damage and lost wages. Depending on the nature of the accident, victims may lose their vehicles, personal belongings, valuables or even their houses. Their careers may also be in jeopardy as many victims are unable to return to work for months or even years. Permanent disability is also common with these injuries. The legal team at Zinda Law Group understands the nature of these losses and includes them in every settlement.

Finally, victims of accidents and crimes are also victims of trauma. These scars, while invisible, are often the most painful byproducts of surviving the unimaginable. Psychological and emotional damage can require years of therapy, support, intensive treatment and medication. For traumatic brain injury victims, this internal damage may also include cognitive disabilities in addition to social, emotional and personality disorders. Our attorneys understand that this form of damage forever changes a life, affecting happiness, personal relationships, careers, hobbies and even the basic will to live. While placing a price tag on psychological and emotional injuries is difficult, Zinda Law Group ensures that this process is a focal point of every case.