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Workplace accidents can occur in a variety of employment contexts, regardless of whether the workplace seems inherently dangerous, like a construction site.  workplace injuries can inflict severe hardship on an injured individual’s livelihood, health, and well-being.

Accidents in the workplace concern a broad range of issues and laws that differ from accidents that occur in other contexts.  Employees should know what to do if they are involved in any workplace accident, especially those that result in substantial harm or injury.

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What is a Workplace Accident?

A workplace accident is any unexpected occurrence or event that takes place during the course of employment that results in physical or mental injury to an employee.  In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that private industry employers reported over 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses.  Likewise, the incidence rate revealed that private industries reported approximately 2.8 workplace accidents per every 100 full-time workers.

Texas is especially dangerous for workers.  In 2019, a Texas worker died on the job

The definition of workplace accident continues to evolve as the country’s employment landscape shifts due to changing technology and consumer demands.  Although the specifics of workplace injuries have changed as national markets grow and modernize, workplace injuries still produce substantial litigation in the United States.

Regardless of where you work, there is a chance that you may be injured on the job. Consequently, injured individuals should seek professional advice immediately to potentially mitigate their injuries and overall damages.

Most Common Workplace Accidents

Trips, Slips, and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common personal injury claims in the United States.  Typically, slip and falls occur when floors or buildings are not properly maintained by the building’s operators.  Slip and fall victims may sustain bodily damage that includes head, spinal, and/or back injuries.  Additionally, victims may suffer from broken bones or serious sprains.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Employees who are required to drive as part of their job description are subjected to a variety of unique, and sometimes dangerous, conditions.  Specifically, during the course of their employment, drivers may be exposed to negligent drivers, inclement weather, or faulty automotive equipment.  Unfortunately, any number of extrinsic factors can cause automobile or trucking accidents.  These accidents are a common cause of workplace injuries.  Thus, drivers and companies alike should take preventative measures when operating motor vehicles.

Falls from Heights

Unpredictable falls are a leading cause of employee deaths in the construction industry.  Workers involved in construction or building projects are exposed to dangerous working conditions every day.  Although there are many federal and state regulations regarding construction zone safety, many workers are still injured every year.


As previously stated, construction and powerline workers are consistently placed in dangerous environments that require the utmost care and attention.  Unfortunately, many of these workers are injured every year by exposed cords, faulty electrical outlets, and underground power lines.  Electrocution incidents occur more frequently in areas with poor infrastructure or ones recently subjected to natural disasters.


In a culture obsessed with production and efficiency, many workers fall victim to injuries sustained from overexertion every year. Specifically, workers involved in heavy manual labor may develop severe injuries resulting from excessive effort or consistent exhaustion.

Blunt Trauma

Although blunt force trauma injuries are more common in physically demanding lines of work, anybody can fall victim to faulty office or construction equipment.  Being hit by a fallen or thrown object can cause serious bodily harm.  Many victims sustain breaks, fractures, internal injuries, and lacerations from propelling objects. 


Industrial and construction environments involve heavy machinery that may cause substantial harm to workers.  Every year, employees are killed or severely injured by industrial equipment.

Repetitive Motion and Stress

Repetitive movements can potentially cause serious, long-term injuries to workers engaging in consistent work patterns.  These injuries are common in office workers who work long hours and frequently work with their hands.  Factory workers and artisans are also commonly exposed to these long-term injuries because of the careful detail required in their daily work activities.  If left untreated, these injuries may result in permanent nerve damage and pain.


Workplace violence is another cause of workplace injury.  Unsurprisingly, verbal arguments between workers due to environmental unhappiness or unfairness commonly results in physical quarrels.  These fights may result in subsequent injuries that can cause minor or permanent damage to a victim.

Fire and Explosions

Fire and explosions, regardless of their origins, also result in severe injuries every year.  Devastating fires originate from unsafe deposits of flammable substances, like gasoline or diesel.  According to the United States Fire Administration, these unpredictable fires inflict serious injuries on workers and bystanders alike. Additionally, fires and explosions cause thousands of dollars in property damage every year.

Although these are the most common types of workplace injuries, there are many other causes. Consequently, injured individuals should seek a professional opinion when evaluating their options.

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Preventing Workplace Accidents

Although some incidents are truly unpredictable, many workplace accidents are avoidable through proper preparation and prevention techniques.  Particularly in dangerous working conditions, employers and employees must take adequate measures to ensure the safety of all present individuals.  Even though such efforts are not foolproof, there are some tips that experts consistently recommend for creating safe working environments:

  • Create monthly practice drills that require company-wide involvement. Establishing safe procedures to follow in the instance of a real emergency will help better prepare and ensure the safety of workers.
  • Follow guidelines that are specific to present working conditions. This may include requiring certain safety equipment or zoning off high-risk areas in the workplace.
  • Provide annual training programs. Employers should administer training seminars to employees at least once a year to ensure that employees and employers alike stay up to date with modern practices.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. By actively listening and engaging in your environment, you may be able to decrease the risk of injury to yourself and those around you.
  • Communicate effectively with coworkers and supervisors. By communicating about issues or concerns, you will create a safer working environment for all individuals involved.  Additionally, discussing problems may lead to solutions with immediate benefits.

Workers’ Compensation

Texas, unlike many states, does not require employers to carry workers’ compensation.  If your employer does subscribe to workers’ comp, then your most likely avenue to seek compensation for your injuries is by filing a workers’ compensation claim.  There are certain circumstances, however, where you may be able to sue your employer in a personal injury lawsuit.  First, if your employer opted out of workers’ compensation, you may be able to sue them directly.  Second, even if the employer does subscribe to workers’ compensation, you may still be able to sue them if your loved one died on the job as a result of their employer’s gross negligence or intentional conduct.  An experienced attorney may help you navigate these complicated rules and determine the best way to seek compensation.

What Should a Workplace Injury Victim Do?

Seek Medical Attention

If you sustain a workplace injury, it is best to seek medical attention immediately after the incident. Although immediate treatment is the best option, accidents may require many administrative steps, which have the potential to make getting immediate treatment impossible.  In those situations, it is best to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Even if you are experiencing no discomfort or pain, you should still visit a healthcare professional because subsequent injuries may develop later if they go untreated. In addition to the obvious health benefits, visiting a licensed professional may help create a medical record that can be referred back to if you later wish to explore available options for legal recourse. A well-kept record may make it easier to seek damages for medical expenses.

Report the Accident

If you are involved in a workplace accident, report it to the appropriate authority.  Without such documentation detailing the specifics of the accident, it may be extremely difficult to seek damages from the responsible party, even if you express an intention to do immediately.

Document the Accident

Documentation provides an important paper trail for any individual that sustains bodily injury during a workplace accident.  As time passes, involved parties and eyewitnesses alike begin to forget important facts about an accident.  Even though a detail may not seem relevant at the time, it may become extremely important if you later choose to pursue damages.  Consequently, you should document every detail of an accident immediately after it happens, including witness information, evident damages, and personal recollections.

Discuss Your Case with an Attorney

Workplace injury cases can be complicated.  Not only are you likely recovering from an injury or illness, but you may also find the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit confusing.  An experienced attorney may lift the burden of the legal process while you focus on feeling better.

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