Premises Liability Lawyers in Frisco, Texas

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When you are injured on property that is owned by another person or a business, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Property owners have a certain duty of care to the people who arrive on their property. For social guests, a property owner has a duty to warn that individual about any known dangers that are on a piece of property. If you were a social guest and a hostess failed to warn you about a slipper floor or broken door, then he or she may be liable for the injuries that you have suffered. Premises liability claims can be very complicated to assess, so it is in your best interest to get in touch with a Frisco personal injury lawyer to learn more about your claim.

The typical person who is harmed on another person’s property is usually classified as an invitee. Invitees are typically customers who are at a store, and they are injured due to a dangerous condition on store property. For invitees, store owners must typically exercise reasonable care in preventing any injuries to them. If you were a customer at a store and were involved in a slip and fall accident, then a premises liability lawyer may help you to file a claim.

To exercise reasonable care in preventing injuries to invitees, store owners typically must do a variety of things. They must inspect a store’s property to make sure that it is safe for the general public. A store manager may need to walk through aisles to make sure that there are no slipper substances on the floor. A store owner may need to make sure that stairs have been repaired for use by the general public. Store owners will need to inspect the property of a store, and they will also need to maintain the property. If they fail to repair broken stools or other types of furniture on a piece of property, then they will be liable for the injuries that are suffered by members of the public.

You should not be responsible for the injuries that you suffer as a result of being on another person’s property. It is likely that with an adequate warning, you would have been able to avoid a severe injury. Perhaps you could have avoided suffering from a broken arm or a severe concussion if a property owner would have provided you with a sufficient warning. If you never were able to view any warning signs posted on a property, then you should speak with a Frisco personal injury lawyer about your rights today.

A Frisco personal injury lawyer will take the time to help you settle your claim. It can be difficult to work with the lawyers from an insurance company. Often, these lawyers are trained to attempt to offer you the lowest settlement possible. It is important for you to get in touch with a Frisco personal injury lawyer who has been able to negotiate with insurance companies in his or her past. Get in touch with a Frisco personal injury lawyer to schedule an initial consultation for your premises liability claim.