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It’s dangerous to work in the construction industry. This field consistently has high accident numbers. A construction site usually has heavy machinery everywhere and employees may be required to work around live electrical wires or up on heights.  There are dangerous items lying around; huge stacks of building materials that must be moved from one location to another. Though this is often a lucrative job opportunity for workers, it’s definitely a high-risk job where you can be seriously injured during your daily routine.

One of the unstable factors about construction work is that there are often dozens of workers rushing about doing their jobs. Some of these may be new employees who don’t understand the risks of construction work. All it takes is for one person to become careless or do something foolish and then a serious accident can occur.

Garland Construction Accidents

As a construction worker, you may be required to use older, worn equipment. A rickety ladder or scaffolding can collapse, plunging you onto a hard concrete surface. Injuries like brain trauma or spinal cord injury can occur, leaving you bedridden for weeks or months.

If you are the main breadwinner in your household and the doctor says you will be hospitalized for days, weeks or longer, who will pay the bills?

Long-Term Injuries are Expensive

Since construction accident injuries are often more severe, it can take longer to get healthy again. Long term care is expensive. A heavy object could fall off a roof, striking you in the head and this could lead to traumatic brain injury. In some cases, workers may never be able to return to their old job. Imagine the cost of weeks or months of extended care from specialists. Just one week in a hospital can cost over $15,000. Even with the best insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses can skyrocket.

Situations like this happen every day across America. Families can face an uncertain future that includes high medical bills and months of physical therapy.

Who was Responsible for your Injuries?

An investigation into your accident may show that someone’s negligence was involved. It may have been a boss or supervisor who expected you to use faulty equipment. It could be a co-worker who wasn’t paying attention or was fooling around. When someone else causes your accident, you have a right to recover damages. You may be able to get all medical bills paid, both present and future. This is especially important if your condition requires ongoing medical help. You may also be able to get lost wages, even those that you might have earned in the future had you been completely healthy.

There are a number of other expenses you can ask for including pain and suffering. You shouldn’t have to worry about bills and expenses during your recovery. Take legal action against the responsible party. Remember that an insurance company will offer you the lowest possible amount for your injuries. When you have a qualified personal injury lawyer on your side, the insurance company will change their tune.

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