Wrongful Death Lawyers in Glendale, Arizona

Last updated on: May 22, 2013

Wrongful Death Lawyer Glendale

The loss of a loved one can be traumatic event under any set of circumstances, but the sense of grief can be greatly magnified if the death results from the negligence of someone else. The law firm of Zinda Law Group can be a strong advocate for any family that has experienced a wrongful death in Glendale.

A wrongful death is defined as a fatality that results from actions that are reckless or deliberately harmful, and are committed without regard for the safety of others. In the event of a needless death, an attorney can help guide the case to a successful resolution and ensure that the interests of those involved are protected. Although nothing will bring back the victim, the work of an attorney can help a family obtain compensation for the loss of financial support the person may have provided, and it can also make amends for the loss of companionship and related emotional anguish.

Thousands of Americans are killed every year in automobile, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, many of which result from speeding, the reckless operation of vehicles, or drivers that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Other crashes may be caused by mechanical defects or deficiencies in lighting or other street facilities. In accidents involving public transport vehicles, both the operator and the manufacturer may have to share responsibility. The many elements of a traffic accident may cloud the issue of liability and thus hinder attempts to determine who is most culpable for damages.

Accidents can occur at any work setting, but are more common in the fields of construction, manufacturing and mining. Deaths from falls, fires, electric shock or exposure to toxic substances are often related to some type of negligence. The employer may not have followed established guidelines in the use of certain products, or may not have provided its employees with proper protective equipment. The death of an employee may result from the negligence of a fellow worker. In any event, the parent company can be deemed liable, possibly in conjunction with subcontractors, equipment manufacturers and individuals.

Medical mistakes cost thousands of lives in the U.S. every year, and often result from faulty procedures, the use of the wrong medications or incorrect dosages of drugs, or the improper diagnoses of diseases or certain health conditions. Doctors and other medical personnel and the clinics and hospitals in which they are employed can be equally culpable if a mistake results in a death. Even household or mechanical products can be lethal in the course of normal use, and liability in such cases may spread to the designers, the manufacturers and even the distributors of the items.

In times of personal tragedy, the members of a grieving family need someone who will fight for their rights, carefully explain their legal options and give them the respect and compassion that they deserve. The law firm Zinda Law Group can provide this kind of personalized service to a family that has experienced a wrongful death in Glendale.