Uninsured Motorist Lawyers in Houston

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Uninsured Motorist Accidents in Houston

In Texas, all drivers are required to have liability auto insurance. This is coverage designed to protect other drivers on the road in case the first driver causes an accident. Though it’s a law, many will tell you that a host of drivers each day don’t follow the rules. They drive without insurance, and they take a major chance with your future. What happens when they cause an accident that ruins your car and leaves you in the hospital? You certainly won’t have an opportunity to file a claim against their insurance. This is where the lawyers at Zinda Law Group come in handy, helping people navigate the uninsured motorist litigation system.

Houston is an especially bad place for accidents, with a number of major interstates weaving through the city and its drivers known for high speeds. Any person who’s going to be spending any significant amount of time in the city should understand the process and how to survive one of these accidents.

Who Was at Fault In The Accident?

This is the central question that will be asked whenever there’s an insured motorist accident. Though it’s always illegal for a person to drive without insurance, you’ll be out of luck if you were at fault. If that uninsured driver happened to be at fault, though, they’ll be held responsible for their negligence. The determination of who was at fault is often made by police. Ultimately, though, a jury will reserve the right to view the evidence in order to make the final determination.

Recovering Damages in An Uninsured Motorist Accident

In any normal accident situation, you’d file a claim with the motorist’s insurance company for your car’s damage and any medical bills that you’d face. When you’re dealing with an uninsured motorist, you’ll have to use the courts. You can still file a lawsuit against the person to seek damages. This can be done in state court in most cases, unless the amount you’re seeking is very high and the other party is from out of state. In those instances, you may end up fighting things out in a federal court.

What Role Do Attorneys Play in This?

A good lawyer can help you figure out whether you have a case. This is the first step in any litigation process, and a lawyer with experience will be able to provide perspective on this matter. Attorneys will help you identify the party that was at fault, which can be difficult if your accident happened to be a hit and run. In addition, an attorney will help you fight for a fair settlement or even take the case to trial if that’s what’s required. In these kinds of cases, good attorneys are ready for a number of possibilities.

The personal injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group are more than ready to assist Houston area drivers who have been wrecked by uninsured drivers. Though recovering in these situations can be difficult, a good lawyer can make a major difference in the outcome.