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People can trip at anytime, anywhere. Maybe you tripped and fell in a grocery store, or maybe you tripped and fell outside. Wherever you tripped and fell, you might be left feeling embarrassed, and may even have suffered from injuries; you may be wondering who you can hold responsible for your injuries, and how you can be compensated for them. That’s why it’s important to speak with Las Cruces trip and fall accident lawyers.

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Trip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries. If you tripped and fell in Las Cruces, you should seek medical attention, report the accident, and document what happened as soon as possible. Following these steps will help you and a Las Cruces personal injury lawyer build your case to hold the proper people responsible.

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing you should do after a trip and fall accident is seek medical attention. If your injuries are severe or you are in a lot of pain, call an ambulance to take you to the hospital; if your injuries are less severe, you should still see a doctor as soon as possible so they can examine you for any injuries. Common injuries after a fall caused by tripping include:

  • Broken bones, particularly hips
  • Sprains, particularly of ankles or wrists
  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Shoulder or neck injuries
  • Knee injuries, such as an ACL tear
  • Cuts
  • Bruises

Some of these injuries may require you to wear a cast, sling, or brace for a few weeks in order to properly heal; others may require extensive medical care or physical therapy. Your doctor may recommend you follow up with them or other doctors to ensure your injuries are healing properly; he or she may also prescribe you medication to help minimize any pain you may be experiencing as a result of your fall. After your doctor provides you with a treatment plan, be sure to follow it closely so that your injuries heal.

You may have also suffered emotional injuries as a result of your fall. Like most people, you may have been embarrassed, or have anxiety, depression, or other mental trauma. Signs of depression include:

  • Easily irritated or having mood swings
  • Restless
  • Experiencing nightmares
  • Experiencing excessive fatigue
  • Having a loss of interest or pleasure in activities you once enjoyed
  • Not eating

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after your fall, you should see a psychologist who can help you overcome these feelings. You may also want to see a psychiatrist who can prescribe medication to relieve some of your symptoms.

Report the Accident

The second thing you should do if you tripped and fell in Las Cruces is report the accident. If you fell in a public setting, such as a grocery store, you can report the fall to a supervisor or manager; if you fell in a house or apartment, notify the landlord or homeowner. When reporting your fall, provide as many details as possible, such as:

  • Exactly where the fall happened
  • What time you fell
  • Why you fell
  • Any witnesses to the fall
  • Any injuries you suffered from

It is especially important to detail why you fell; if you tripped and fell over a dangerous object, you will want to alert someone to that object so no one else gets injured. If possible, have the person you report the accident to document your report in writing, then ask for a copy of this report and keep it in a safe place. This report may be helpful should you choose to contact a Las Cruces personal injury attorney and pursue compensation through negotiation or a lawsuit.

Document the Accident

The third thing you should do if you tripped and fell in Las Cruces is document the accident for your own records. You can do this by taking pictures or by writing things down in your cell phone or on paper. Important details to document include:

  • Where you fell
  • Time and date of your fall
  • Why you fell (protruding object, wet floor, raised sidewalk, etc.)
  • Whether there were any warning signs that may have indicated a hazard was present
  • Lighting conditions of where you fell
  • Any witnesses to your fall

These are only some examples of details you may want to document. You should be sure to include any other details that may be relevant to your trip and fall accident. These details can help a falling accident lawyer build a stronger case as they seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

Preventing trip and fall accidents

Trip and fall accidents can happen to anyone; people of all ages and activity levels can trip and fall and suffer injuries. Trip and fall accidents most commonly occur in nursing homes, but anyone can be a victim. To prevent a trip and fall accident from occurring to you, you should:

  • Practice safe walking skills; use handrails, do not engage in distracted walking, and be extra careful on waxed or wet floors.
  • Make sure you can see where you are walking.
  • Pay attention to signs indicating a hazard, such as a wet floor, construction, or stairs.
  • Wear non-slip shoes.

Even following these tips, you are still at risk of tripping and falling over unseen hazards or dangers in your walking path. If you followed these tips and still were injured from a trip and fall, contact a trip and fall attorney as soon as possible to discuss your potential claim.

who is responsible for my injuries?

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment so that people who enter the property do not get hurt. If a property owner fails in this responsibility and someone is injured, the property can be sued in a premises liability action.

In New Mexico, premises liability actions are based on concepts of negligence. This means to win a premises liability action, you must show the property owner had a duty and breached that duty, which caused your injury or damages.

New Mexico is a comparative negligence state. This means that the amount of damages you are awarded will be minimized by the percentage you are found to be at fault for. For example, if you are found to be 70% at fault for your trip and fall accident, you will receive 70% of the damages assessed, not the full 100% awarded.

You may have been partially at fault for a trip and fall accident if you were engaging in distracted walking. For example, if you were looking down at your phone, texting, and did not see a sign indicating a hazard was ahead when you tripped over that hazard, then your award can be minimized.

To determine whether you may have been partially at fault for your trip and fall accident, contact a lawyer in Las Cruces. A trip and fall lawyer near you in Las Cruces can help evaluate your case and determine the best course of action.

what kind of damages can i seek?

As a result of your fall, you may have suffered from physical and emotional injuries and want to be compensated. You may be able to receive monetary (economic) damages from those responsible for your fall. Monetary damages are damages that are calculable; these include ambulance bills, hospital or other medical bills, lost past and future earnings, and any other monetary amount that can be proven.

A jury may also be willing to award you nonmonetary (non-economic) damages for any emotional injuries you may have suffered as a result of the accident. You may also be awarded punitive damages; these are damages that are awarded to punish the responsible party and teach them a lesson. If you tripped and fell in Las Cruces, a lawyer can help assess your case and determine what damages you may be entitled to.

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