Does Auto Insurance Cover a Bicycle Accident?

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Bicycling is becoming a more convenient method of transportation in Phoenix as the city seeks to increasingly accommodate this healthy activity. However, as bicyclists appear more frequently on roads, car accidents are more likely to occur. Car accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists can be devastating, and it may be unclear how either party will be able to recover for their damages.

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Will Insurance Cover Me if I’m Hit While Riding a Bike?

Depending on your role in the accident, you may be able to recover through your car insurance for your injuries, even if you were biking. If your insurance policy includes personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payment coverage, you may be protected by insurance as long as you are listed on the policy. This rule applies even if you are at fault for the accident. However, you likely will not be able to recover for the damage to your bicycle or any of your protective gear through this method of recovery.

If you were not responsible for the accident, you can also receive compensation through the at-fault driver’s auto insurance. Getting compensated through the at-fault driver’s insurance will allow you to recover for your physical injuries, as well as any damage to your bicycle or gear. If you were responsible, you will likely not be able to recover through the insured driver’s policy, but you could still be able to recover through your own policy if you have PIP.

If you are in a bike accident with another bicyclist or with a pedestrian, your insurance policy will not cover your sustained injuries. Personal injury policies only extend to accidents where a vehicle is involved.

Will Insurance Cover Me if I’m Involved in an Accident with a Bicyclist While Driving?

If you are involved in a car accident with a bicyclist, you may not necessarily be at fault just because you were in the larger vehicle. Bicyclists are still required to follow the rules of the road, and when they don’t, they can be responsible for accidents. Fortunately, most accidents involving bicyclists occur at low speeds and result only in minor injuries.

If you are not at fault for the accident, you may be able to sue through the bicyclist’s PIP insurance in order to recover for any injuries you sustained or any damages to your car. If the bicyclist does not have PIP coverage, you will still be able to recover for damages through your own insurance. If you were responsible for the accident, the bicyclist’s injuries will be covered by your liability insurance.

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