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Car Accident Lawyer Tempe

As a driver, one of your worst fears may be having an auto accident caused by someone else’s negligence and having to deal with the aftermath of the crash. There are worries over whether you’ll sustain injuries, whether your car will be totaled and whether the other driver has insurance or will run away without taking responsibility. Then, there’s the police to deal with, and emergency medical technicians, if there are serious injuries.

If the worst case scenario occurs and you are stuck with medical bills, lost wages and getting hassled by the other driver’s insurance company who owes you money, or if someone is killed as a result of the crash, then you need to contact a car accident attorney at Zinda Law Group.

An experienced car accident attorney can accomplish what you cannot accomplish on your own. One of our experienced lawyers will review the facts of your case to help you understand why it is important for you to file a claim so that you can receive the compensation and other benefits that you deserve.

How do I know if I need a personal injury attorney?

If you are fortunate enough to walk away from the car crash without sustaining serious injuries, even after being checked out at the hospital, and if the insurance providers work together to take care of any damages, you probably will not need to hire an attorney.

However, if you were seriously injured and have accrued costly medical bills and you are having difficulty negotiating a settlement with the opposing insurance company; it will be to your advantage to contact an attorney.

The initial meeting is free so there is no risk involved in receiving a consultation.

What will a personal injury attorney do for me?

Among the most valuable services one of our attorneys will provide is advice, negotiation with other parties, and if necessary, legal representation in court.

For instance, a personal injury attorney knows the ins-and-outs of health insurance and automobile insurance. So, if you have been injured in a car accident, a personal injury attorney might suggest that you do not settle too quickly with the insurance company of the responsible party. Insurance companies will only pay you once for your injuries.

But what happens if you continue to see a doctor for your injuries? Your attorney will recommend that you wait until your medical visits are over before settling with an insurance company. Also, you may be able to use both your health insurance and your Personal Injury Protection benefits provided by your insurance company.

Hiring a Zinda Law Group attorney also means that if your case is not resolved in your favor, you will not have to pay your attorney, who works on a contingency basis.