What Should I Do If Injured in a Car Accident While Pregnant?

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What should be a delightful and magical time in the lives of an expecting parent or couple can be fraught with peril. If you or your spouse is pregnant and traveling by car, truck, or other vehicle, a collision or wreck can not only cause significant injuries to you but also considerable trauma and harm to your unborn child.

Such harm to your unborn child can easily result in permanently disabling birth defects or even the death of your unborn child. Taking quick and decisive action in the aftermath of a car wreck can easily mean the difference between life and death for both you and your unborn child.

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Steps to Take Before and After a Car Accident If You Are Pregnant

Protecting yourself and your unborn child begins with ensuring you always properly wear a safety belt when riding in a car. A proper safety belt includes a shoulder strap and a lap belt. The shoulder strap should sit on your shoulder and over your belly, while the lap belt should sit underneath your belly and on your hips. Wearing a safety belt improperly–for example, by not wearing a shoulder strap or wearing a lap belt across or on top of your belly–can cause your unborn child to unnecessarily experience potentially lethal forces.

In the event you or your spouse is pregnant and involved in a car wreck, the following steps, if taken promptly, can help decrease the likelihood that you, your spouse, and your unborn child suffer serious, permanent, or fatal harm:

1. Get to a hospital right away. Do not take any chances if you or your spouse are pregnant; get to the nearest hospital emergency room for evaluation and treatment as soon as possible. If your car is immobile or unsafe to drive, do not hesitate to summon emergency medical assistance to the scene of your crash. Be certain to inform the dispatcher that you or your spouse are pregnant so the emergency medical crew can provide appropriate evaluation and stabilization while on the way to the hospital.

2. Provide pertinent details to hospital staff. Once you arrive at the hospital, do not take it for granted that the staff at the hospitals know \you are pregnant or what specific needs you have. Inform medical staff that you are pregnant and approximately how far along you are as soon as possible. You should also inform staff of your regular physician so that hospital staff can inform your doctor of the crash and coordinate your care. This helps ensure that the hospital staff do not provide you with treatments or medications that can adversely impact you or your unborn child.

3. Visit with Your Regular Doctor as Soon as Possible and Follow Their Instructions. Even after receiving emergency care from a hospital emergency room, you will want to visit with your regular doctor as soon as possible. He or she may wish to conduct follow-up tests to better understand what harm, if any, your unborn child may have suffered in the crash. He or she will also provide you with instructions concerning what signs or symptoms you should be alert for and what additional treatment or at-home care may be appropriate for you.

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