Does Auto Insurance Cover a Bicycle Collision?

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If you’re injured by an automobile while out riding your bicycle, you may be wondering what legal options you have. Other than seeking coverage from your own health insurance company, do you have any options for seeking compensation for your injuries, loss of time from work, medical expenses and more? Odds are that the answer is “Yes!”

Most car insurance policies cover such losses as injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering caused by accidents involving a car and a bicyclist. This is true for the insurance policy of the vehicle that hit the bicyclist, and in many instances it also applies to the bicycle rider’s own car insurance.

One of the first things someone wants to know after they were involved in a bike accident is whether auto insurance will cover the damages. You may be left to pay for medical bills and property damage. With some bicycles these days costing upwards of a thousand dollars, this alone can be a huge concern.

Though every insurance policy differs somewhat,  your car insurance will likely cover a bike accident if the following criteria are met:

• The accident must involve a motor vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you are on a bike, motorcycle, or ATV or in a van or truck, as long as at least one of the vehicles in the accident is an automobile, your auto insurance should cover it.

• You must have Personal Injury Protection coverage on your auto policy. This is also sometimes referred to as “Med-Pay”.  If you enjoy riding your bike out on the streets or if you ride a fairly expensive bicycle, you might consider increasing your coverage. An accident between a car and a bicycle might destroy the bike and leave its rider with huge medical bills.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover a Bicycle Collision?

Proving Negligence to Get Compensation

The crash is almost always the result of somebody’s negligence, be it the driver of the car or the bicyclist. If the negligent party is the driver, the cyclist has a legal right to be compensated for their injuries. Negotiations with the driver’s insurance company will always focus on who was negligent and to what degree. If the cyclist and the insurance company can agree on the question of negligence and the amount of compensation, the case will be settled. If they cannot reach an agreement, it will be necessary for the cyclist to prove in a court of law that the driver was negligent, in order to recover compensation for the injuries received.

Because lawsuits can be time-consuming and expensive, the vast majority of injury cases with insurance companies are settled out of court. However, since the legal issues can be complex, cyclists who have suffered injuries should always discuss their case with a bike accident attorney before talking with the driver or their insurance company.

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If you or a loved one has been injured while riding your bicycle, you may need a bike injury lawyer. Since injuries can be severe for bike riders, you could need expensive medical treatment and will want to recover any lost wages. Though your own auto policy may cover some of the expenses, if the automobile driver was at fault, their insurance should have to pay all expenses. Very often though, insurance companies stall or try to blame the bike rider for the accident.

For years, Zinda Law Group has represented bike riders and others who find themselves facing expenses they shouldn’t have to pay. You should retain an experienced attorney in order to seek the full compensation you deserve.

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