Broken Bones: Understanding the Potential Damage

Last updated on: August 31, 2011

One of the most commonly sustained injuries in a personal injury accident is that of. Although they compose the internal structure of the human body, bones are actually extremely delicate and are vulnerable to should the wrong amount of pressure be applied. There are many different types of broken bones, however, the pain that is associated with all of them is severe. Some of the most common forms of broken bones include the following:

  • Complete Fracture – The bone completely splits into two separate pieces
  • Greenstick Fracture – One side of the bone is significantly cracked, but not entirely
  • Single Fracture – Only one part of the bone has a crack or break
  • Comminuted Fracture – Essentially, the bone is crushed or broken in multiple places
  • Open Fracture – The break is so severe that the bone actually protrudes through the skin

At Zinda Law Group, we recognize the pain that can accompany broken bones and we recognize the inconvenience that they can place on the life of the victim. Although this is an injury that can typically heal with time, the treatments are not cheap and while the bone heals, the victim can be severely inconvenienced. In some cases, they might not even be able to work.

For this reason, should you choose to work with an Austin personal injury lawyer from our firm, you will be able to be confident knowing that we will do everything that we can to help you obtain the that you truly deserve. No matter whether you sustained the broken bone in a car accident, slip and fall or if it was the result of a , we encourage you to contact an Austin injury attorney from our firm as soon as possible. We know what is at stake – we will fight for you.