3 Things To Document If You Are Pregnant And In A Car Accident


Document the accident: Take any witness statements, pictures and get copies of the police report. It’s good to get photographs of the scene and the vehicles while they’re still out there. It is important to get all of the angles of damage to all the vehicles involved, and capture photographs of the license plates of the vehicles. You will also want to get pictures of the general alignment of all the vehicles following the accident before they’re moved. If there are any witnesses on the scene, and you’re in the condition to take statement from them, go ahead and get them. You can record them on your cell phone. At a minimum, get their name, phone number, address, and driver’s license number, so that you can locate them and contact them later if needed. Don’t count on the police to do this if you have another option. In many cases, where the cause of the accident seems clear, the police will think that a witness is not necessary, and they may not copy the information into their report.

Document all medical bills related to the accident for you and the baby: Keep a record of all doctors that you see, when you see them, and keep all receipts for co-pays. You also need to keep track of any other out of pocket expenses such as prescription medication, braces, or any other things you may need to purchase to aid in your recovery.

If you miss work, get a note: If you have to miss work for any reason as a result of the crash, make sure that you get a note from the doctor. Even if your employer doesn’t require it, many insurance companies will refuse to pay for lost time that doesn’t have proof from the doctor determining that you shouldn’t go to work.

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