Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

Medical Treatment after a Car Accident in Fort Worth

It is best that those involved in car accidents seek medical care immediately. Some accident victims hold off on getting medical attention in the mistaken belief that their insurance company will refer to them to a doctor, but this will not happen. They should seek help just as they would for any other type of injury, and do it as soon as possible. Only after receiving medical care should the injured individual contact the insurance company to report their injuries. The Importance of Medical Attention Many people are averse to doctor’s visits and this may cause them to resist seeking medical help, especially if they are not in severe pain. The fact is that even minor accidents can cause serious injuries that may not be immediately evident. Not seeking help can worsen these injuries and reduce the likelihood of getting compensation. Insurance Company Tactics Insurance companies are like any other business in that they are trying to make a profit. This means that they will do everything in their power to avoid paying accident victims, including stringing them along. If enough time passes between the time of the accident and the point at which the injured individual seeks compensation, the company can argue that it was something else that caused the injury. They are aware that most people are unfamiliar with how the insurance industry works; this ignorance allows them to get away with stalling tactics. The insurance company’s goal is to settle for as little as possible; therefore, it is important that victims avoid agreeing to any settlements prior to talking to an accident attorney. Medical Treatment after a Car Accident in Fort Worth It is important that the victim obey the instructions of their health care provider and follow up on their treatment. If they resist seeking medical attention, the insurance company can make the argument that their injury is not that severe since a truly serious injury would have caused them to seek medical attention immediately. The insurance company may also use the failure to keep follow-up appointments as an excuse to make a lower settlement offer. If the doctor recommends physical therapy or any other form of treatment, the injured person must be diligent to keep the appointments. If they are unable to keep an appointment for any reason, they should reschedule. Texas law dictates that accident victims have a duty to mitigate their injuries; this means that not seeking medical help quickly or refusing to follow up can keep a plaintiff from getting the damages to which they are entitled. Insurance companies have a spent a lot of money to influence public opinion on the matter of personal injury lawsuits. The widely held perception that most people who file such suits are exaggerating or faking their injuries is the result of this. This idea can present an obstacle for accident victims, one that will be difficult to overcome. In order to defeat this notion, it will be necessary for an accident victim to get professional legal representation. An attorney who is experienced in the area of personal injury lawsuits can work to ensure a settlement and can defend their clients’ interests before a jury, if necessary.  

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