Natural Gas Explosion Safety Tips

Natural gas has no odor of its own. That’s why gas companies usually add an odorant to it. This allows you to smell the gas, should there be a leak. This safety precaution has saved thousands of lives over the years, but most people still don’t know what to do if they smell gas and suspect there might be a gas leak. If you walk into your kitchen and smell that distinctive odor, the first thing you might think of is to turn on the lights. But the small electrical charge that occurs when you flip the light switch is enough to set off the gas when there is sufficient accumulation.

Natural Gas Explosion Prevention & Safety Tips

Below are a few basic safety tips to avoid a gas explosion in your home or business:

  • Don't use your phone. Go outside to make a call.
  • Don't turn on a light or anything electrical.
  • Don't light a match.
  • Let everyone in the house or building know and then leave immediately.
  • Have all gas appliances, chimneys, furnaces, vents, and gas lines in your home or business inspected each year.
  • Make sure there’s at least one working fire extinguisher in your home or office.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for the use & care of gas appliances & equipment.
  • Review these natural gas safety tips regularly with family members & coworkers.

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