How Does GEICO Decide What A Dog Bite Claim Is Worth?

Last updated on: September 14, 2022

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Although dogs can be loveable pets, there are circumstances in which these animals lose control and lash out. In such events, serious injuries can occur. If the pet owner is insured by GEICO, you may have legal avenues in which to seek compensation. In this article we’ll review how GEICO decides what a claim is worth.

Calculating damages from dog bite incidents

When GEICO is looking into the potential amount of damages incurred in a dog bite incident, the claims adjusters try and collect as much information as possible. Claims adjusters may look to the police report, victim and witness statements, photos of injuries, medical reports. Adjusters will also take note of anything you say to them in an interview.

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The GEICO Formula

GEICO may use a damage formula to assess the amount of damages it is willing to pay out in a particular case. Usually, GEICO will look at all sources of information when deciding upon a number. GEICO may look to the insurance policy through which the claim is filed, the injuries sustained, and other underlying evidence. The damage formula may, in fact, be differently applied to different cases, so consider reaching out to an attorney to see how it may apply to your case.

Although each case is different, our experienced dog bite attorneys at Zinda Law Group may more definitively apply the specific facts of your case to GEICO’s damage formula to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Factors That Influence What A Claim Is Worth

Although the common formula used by GEICO may be quite helpful when it comes to estimating how much your claim may be worth, it is not always the only factor. GEICO may use a wide variety of other factors when deciding the value of your claim. These can include:

  •         Severity of injuries
  •         Medical expenses
  •         Permanent injury
  •         Pain and suffering
  •         Lost wages.

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Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites have the potential to lead to many different types of injuries. Some dog bites won’t leave a mark, while others may result in permanent scarring or internal damage. Common dog bite injuries include:

  •         Puncture wounds
  •         Rabies
  •         Scars
  •         Nerve damage
  •         Face injuries.

If a dog injured you in any way and you are unsure if it is worth filing a claim, reach out to an experienced attorney at Zinda Law Group today.

Negotiating Compensation

It is important to remember that GEICO is a corporation with the sole purpose of making a profit. GEICO may use some common tricks or strategies during negotiations to try and trip you up to pay out as little as possible. For example, GEICO may:

1. Use Your Statements Against You

When dealing with GEICO, it is important to realize that every you say to them is being recorded. Their insurance adjusters may also attempt to have you admit fault in the incident. They will try and use your own statements against you to pay out as little as possible.

2. Use Manipulative Negotiation Tactics

It is common among insurance companies to offer a minimal amount the first time around. It is possible in certain circumstances that the insurance company may be willing to negotiate to a higher settlement but will start low to control the situation.

3. Take Advantage of your Inexperience

Although this may be your first time dealing with an insurance company and its claims adjusters, it is unlikely that this is the claims adjusters first time negotiating a settlement. This means that the claims adjuster is likely to be more experienced than you and make take advantage of your inexperience to pay out as little as possible.

If you want to level the playing field, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Zinda Law Group. Our team understands the common strategies of GEICO claims adjusters when dealing with settlements.

Why you should always have an attorney

To pursue compensation for your various injuries, you will need to speak with an attorney who understands the laws concerning dog bites. Further, an attorney can help negotiate with insurance companies, such as GEICO. The right attorney can help you understand your legal rights and fight for you in front of a judge if a favorable settlement cannot be made.

At Zinda Law Group, our team is here to ensure you do not have to face this difficult time alone. We have helped countless individuals get their lives back on track following a dog bite injury, and we may be able to help you as well.

The Process Of Filing A Claim

After being injured by a dog, you will likely need to file a claim before you can receive compensation for your injuries. Below are some common steps you may want to consider taking to file a claim:

1. Find the Right Attorney

When deciding to file a claim, the attorney you choose to work with is an incredibly important decision. You should choose an attorney with the experience and knowledge that is required to help you pursue maximum compensation.

2. File a Complaint in Court

If you are unable to come to a settlement with GEICO, your next step with your attorney may be to file a complaint in court. The complaint asks the court to get involved and grant you relief for your injuries or any damage brought about by the incident, usually in the form of monetary damages.

3. Gather Evidence

When filing a complaint, it is important to have as much evidence as possible. Evidence may come in the form of photographs, witness statements, police reports, and medical bills.

If you are considering bringing a claim for your dog bite injuries, contact Zinda Law Group today. Our experienced attorneys can walk you through your options and work with you to seek maximum compensation for all your injuries.

Be Ready To Negotiate

Negotiating on your own behalf may be very emotional. You are asking for damages for your injuries, and it can be very hard. Sometimes, the best course of action may be to seek help from a personal injury attorney who has a record of success in representing dog bite accident victims.

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