Should I Settle My Claim With the Insurance Company Right Away?

Last updated on: June 13, 2013

Should I Settle My Claim With the Insurance Company Right Away?

Oftentimes after an injury, a claim is made with the responsible party’s insurance company. An adjuster from the insurance company is typically then assigned to collect pertinent information regarding the claim, and is also responsible for evaluating the claim for potential settlement.

There are certain scenarios where an adjuster acquires facts about the incident and any potential injuries, and makes an offer to settle the claim right away. Usually, this is done before the injured party has a chance to fully heal and prior to speaking with an attorney about their legal rights.

What is important to note is that when you settle a claim with an opposing party or an insurance company, you will have to sign a release. This release prevents you from ever going back to the responsible party or insurance company and making a claim for more money.

The problem with settling your claim shortly after an injury is that you may not be aware of any future medical treatment that would stem from the initial injury. All too often, we hear of individuals that settled their claim with an insurance company right away and sustained additional medical treatment after settlement. Unfortunately, if you’ve settled your claim and require more medical treatment and doctor’s visits, the insurance company will refuse to pay for those bills that occurred after settlement.

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