The Two Keys to a Pedestrian Accident Claim

Last updated on: March 12, 2015


In pedestrian accidents, there are 2 key areas that we often fight. One is, showing who is at fault for the accident. There are many circumstances where a driver may be presumed to have the right away, or the defendant may argue that the pedestrian bolted out into the roadway, or something along those lines. The experience that we have in litigating pedestrian accidents, and experience we have in working with experts, who can help us recreate how the accident happened and show it to the jury, can help in establishing the driver’s negligence in the incident. The other area is, the pedestrian’s injuries. Many times, pedestrians suffer significant injuries just because of the obvious weight differential of the objects involved. We can help in evaluating to make sure that the individual is getting appropriate care currently, but also that their long term needs are looked after in the case.

Where Zinda Law Group Practices:

Our car accident law firm was founded in Texas and has a team of Austin personal injury lawyers as well as attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth.

As we’ve grown we expanded out west to El Paso, Texas subsequently into Arizona adding Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers to the firm, as well as adding offices in Colorado including Denver Personal Injury Lawyers and the surrounding cities such as Colorado Springs.

Types of Cases We Handle:

We also have a team of attorneys that have experience serious injury cases such as car accidents, wrongful death and truck accidents.   We also have experience handling more complex cases such as gas explosions and drug injury cases, such as the Taxotere® Lawsuits.