5 Common Types of Construction Accidents

Last updated on: November 15, 2022

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Construction accident cases include events like falling off scaffolding equipment and ladders, equipment failure, and sometimes even harness protection issues that may lead to serious injury, or even death. The key to these construction injury cases is investigating them quickly. Many times, they will involve the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and more often than not, they will involve multiple entities.

Often, these types of injuries could have been prevented if different companies, entities, and individuals would have followed simple safety rules. Getting to the bottom of what happened, and why, is crucial.

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1.     Height-Related Accidents

Height-related accidents are relatively common and may stem from falls from ladders or scaffolding collapses, for example. Sadly, statistics show that falls account for approximately 42% of construction worker fatalities, with many of these falls occurring from 30 feet or higher. As heights can be dangerous, OSHA dictates that any worker who is constructing a leading edge of 6 feet or more above lower levels must be protected with some kind of fall protection system.

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2.     Equipment Failure

Construction industries rely on various machinery, equipment, and tools for their projects. Thus, it is crucial to maintain these objects, train employees properly, and always adhere to safety standards. Failure to do so may result in serious injury, or even death. For example, if a company does not maintain a crane properly, and the crane collapses, workers could be killed beneath it.

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3.     Safety Gear Failure or Non-Use

It is not surprising that safety gear is extremely important on construction sites. Wearing and maintaining proper safety gear is crucial for preventing injuries and accidents while working. Unfortunately, 54% of workers killed by a fall from a significant height had no access to a personal fall arrest system. Of those who did have access to one, 23% did not use it.  

According to OSHA, employers are responsible for employee use of wearing appropriate personal protective equipment in all scenarios where there is exposure to hazardous conditions, such as on a construction site. Examples of appropriate gear include safety belts and lifelines, safety nets, safety-toe footwear, and head protection, such as helmets.

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4.     Fires and Explosions

Between the years 2013 and 2017, local fire departments responded to approximately 3,840 fires in structures under construction and 2,580 fires in structures under major renovations each year. Some of these fires were caused by electrical distribution and lighting equipment, heating equipment, torches, burners, and soldering irons, among other factors.

Gas explosions are also fairly common on construction sites. These explosions may occur when the construction site maintains compressed gas cylinders, combustible liquids, chemical tanks, or other gasses. Fire and explosion accidents can cause significant burns, which can become complicated injuries, leaving construction workers with bacterial infections, scars, or even bone and joint problems.  

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5.     Slips and Trips

Construction sites are filled with various hazards and liquids that may cause a slip, trip, or fall accident. For this reason, it is important to keep worksites clear of obstruction and debris, including keeping tools picked up on surfaces and stairways. Slip and fall accidents, even on the same level, may result in traumatic brain injuries or broken bones.

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Construction accidents may lead to severe injury, or possibly death, as they typically involve heavy equipment or machinery, fires, and/or explosions. In fact, each year, approximately 15 workers die in the United States while on the job as a result of a traumatic injury. Further, victims may require long-term hospitalization, physical therapy, and lost wages. In order to receive compensation for these expenses or loss of income, you must file a personal injury claim. At Zinda Law Group, our team can help investigate your case, guide you through the entire legal process, and fight on your behalf to help you pursue the maximum amount of compensation available.  

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