Types of Gas Explosions

Last updated on: April 9, 2015


Different types of flammable gases are useful for industrial, residential, and recreational purposes. Because these gases are combustible, the risk of an explosion is always present. Although in most cases this risk is manageable, in other cases, human carelessness can result in tragic consequences. In cases like this, a skilled attorney can be a tremendous asset.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fossil fuel that is used in millions of American homes. It is commonly used in appliances such as heating units, air conditioners and space heaters. Federal regulations require an odorant to be added to it, so that if a leak occurs you can smell a “rotten egg” odor. Natural gas can leak for a number of reasons such as faulty valves, faulty piping or valves carelessly left open.

If the odorant has not been added properly, or if it has dissipated over time, an explosion can be triggered by any open flame, especially in poorly ventilated areas.  Natural gas pipeline explosions are particularly likely to occur in construction sites when excavation punctures a pipe.

Although construction companies are required to locate natural gas pipelines before beginning excavation, they sometimes miss them due to their own carelessness or inaccurate information supplied by the gas company.


Propane is normally a heavy gas, but it can be liquefied for transport. It is not natural; rather, it is the byproduct of oil refining and natural gas processing. It is used as engine fuel, in central heating units and in backyard barbeque grills, among other uses.

Like natural gas, it is mixed with an odorant so that leaks can easily be detected in time to avert an explosion. Propane gas explosions occur in many of the same ways that natural gas explosions occur, with similar consequences.

In addition to a generalized explosion that occurs when gas ignites inside a poorly ventilated room after leakage, however, propane tanks themselves can explode, with highly destructive consequences. People have been known to use propane tanks for target practice, apparently unaware that a tank of overheated propane shot with a bullet can become a deadly projectile.


Methane is a simple hydrocarbon. It is the main ingredient in natural gas, although it is used in its own right as fuel. It is found naturally underground, beneath the surface of the ocean, in the atmosphere, and even on other planets. Although it is a gas at normal temperatures and pressures, it can be refrigerated into a liquid state.

In addition to its use in natural gas, methane has many uses in the chemical industry. A methane explosion can be caused in the same way as a natural gas explosion. Methane as such, however, is responsible for far fewer explosions than natural gas and propane, although in at least one instance methane gas produced by cow flatulence was blamed for an explosion in a dairy.

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