What can I recover in my property damage claim?

Last updated on: February 5, 2012


Oftentimes after becoming involved in an unfortunate car collision, many people often wonder what they are allowed to recover in regards to property damage. Here is a list of what we often assist clients in recovering after they’ve been involved in a collision:

– property damage/repairs- If your vehicle is totalled, you may be eligible to receive the value of the car. In order to make certain you are receiving a fair offer, you may want to research online websites like kellybluebook.com or craigslist.com to see what vehicles like yours may be selling for. Furthermore, if your vehicle isn’t totalled, and can be repaired, you may be entitled to any necessary repair costs associated with the collision.

– towing/storage fees- If another party is at fault after the incident, you may be able to recover any storage and towing fees associated with your vehicle after the crash.

– loss of use- After being involved in a crash, oftentimes your car will end up in a storage yard or a mechanic’s shop. In this interim period between the time of the crash and when you are able to have your vehicle fixed/when you receive payment from the insurance company if the car is a total loss, you are allowed to recover what it would cost to rent a similar type of vehicle as you had prior to the crash. Therefore, if you had a 4-door truck, you may be entitled to the cost of a 4-door truck rental. Additionally, even if you choose not to rent a vehicle you may still be eligible to be compensated for your loss of use.

– dimunition in value- Even after a vehicle has been repaired, the damage done to the vehicle may make the car worth less on its own, and the fact that there may be several spare parts installed in the vehicle during the repair process may allow you to recover for the diminished value your working vehicle now has, even after it’s been repaired.

If you have a question after being involved in a motor vehicle accident, please call an experienced Austin personal injury attorney who will aggressively and compassionately fight for your legal rights.