What To Know Before Meeting With Your Truck Accident Lawyer

Last updated on: September 30, 2022

If you have been involved in a large commercial truck accident, it is very important to obtain a lawyer. Truck accidents can be frightening and devastating, with physical, mental, and financial consequences. A lawyer will be able to assist you in pursuing a claim for the compensation you deserve for your accident, but needs to know about the circumstances of the accident in order to develop your argument for recovering compensation.

Your attorney is likely to know what specific questions to ask in order to get all the information they’ll require to assess your case. However, it’s good to prepare before meeting with your attorney because some documents might take time to get together, and the more information the attorney has, the better. 

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Details About The Accident

If you are in a truck accident, the first thing your lawyer will want to know is what happened. The circumstances of the accident are crucial for a lawyer to know as soon as possible, so he can determine if there is a valid claim and what it is.

Your lawyer is likely going to ask you about the date and time of the accident, the weather conditions and road conditions, who was present besides yourself, and what you said to others and what they said to you. It is likely they will also ask you about your own conduct, such as whether you were obeying all traffic restrictions. Always be truthful when speaking to your attorney.

In addition to your own recollection, share any evidence you might have of the circumstances of your truck accident. If there were any witnesses, give your lawyer their information; if there was any evidence that you have access to, show this to the lawyer. Your lawyer is probably going to have to investigate in order to have sufficient proof for you to recover from your truck accident, so it is important to make them aware of what you do have and what you do not.

Details About The Truck Company And Driver

The identities of the parties involved in your trucking accident will play a big role in the theory of the case that your lawyer will use to pursue your claim. For example, many truck drivers are just employees of large transportation companies, in which case the company’s insurance and lawyers will likely be handling the claim. However, some truck drivers own their own trucks, and in that case you may be dealing with the truck driver directly and not a larger commercial entity.

Give your lawyer as much information as you can about the truck and driver, including license plate numbers, company names, whatever information you were given at the accident, any documentation such as photos of the scene, and a copy of the police report.

Information About Your Vehicle

If your vehicle had damages to it before your accident, this is important for your lawyer to know because the opposing side could try to use this to disclaim liability. Your lawyer will also need to know about the financial situation of your vehicle, as well as the model and make, the damages sustained to it, and any repairs that have been made or estimates for repairs that need to be made.

Injuries and Medical Records

You should have your medical records with you to allow the attorney to develop an understanding of what injuries you have sustained from this accident, what the medical treatments might consist of, and what, if any, long-term treatments or disabilities might need to be taken into account for damages. In addition, if there are other tests that need to be run or more medical information that needs to be gathered, make your attorney aware of that.

Financial and Personal Information

Give your attorney information that will allow him to get an accurate reading of your financial situation and your employment circumstances. Any time that you had to miss work because of your truck accident is relevant to your case, as is your driving history and information about your current insurance coverage.

Speak to an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Being in a truck accident can have drastic consequences on your life. Pursuing compensation for a truck accident claim can also be extremely difficult. You could find yourself up against insurance companies unwilling to pay for your damages, or large commercial entities with numerous lawyers and significant resources.

In these situations, you need a lawyer that’s on your side. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group have extensive experience recovering compensation for their clients after truck accidents. 

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