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Drunk Driving Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Caused by Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is an irresponsible and completely avoidable act, and countless people are killed or seriously injured on Texas roadways every year. Texas law provides recourse for those who have lost a loved one or family member who was killed by a drunk driver. Working with an experienced and dedicated team of legal professionals is the best way to ensure that every possible legal avenue is being utilized in the pursuit of justice.

Victims have rights, but it is not easy to successfully claim those rights through a process that is often confusing, intimidating and understandably difficult to navigate. Working with an experienced, dedicated and attentive team of Fort Worth legal professionals is the single and most important thing that survivors can do to protect their interests and seek justice.

It is important to understand that someone who is accused of wrongful death due to drunk driving will most likely face criminal as well as civil charges. Criminal proceedings can lead to fines, sanctions and prison time. Civil proceedings can lead to compensation and punitive damages that many families and loved ones are entitled to receive. Payment for medical bills, lost income, the pain and suffering of the victim along with other damages can be awarded through a civil wrongful death claim.

The process can be detail oriented, time consuming and frustrating. The smallest mistake or oversight can seriously jeopardize even the most solid claim. This is why it is so important to choose an attorney or firm that has solid and measurable experience along with a proven track record for successfully litigating claims on behalf of their clients.

The defendant or his or her insurance company will most likely have an attorney on their side who is trying to minimize their overall responsibility. They may try and paint the victim as contributing to or causing the accident. They may offer a settlement that is far below what is considered fair and equitable, and they often try and intimidate or scare surviving family members or loved ones from pursuing claims in court.

Facing these possibilities is a sad reality of the civil justice system. Anyone without professional and tenacious legal representation runs the risk of being cheated, misled or overwhelmed by the very process that is designed to protect them.

There are many attorneys who would be more than happy to take on a wrongful death case due to drunk driving in order to secure a quick settlement that may or may not be in the best interests of the survivors. It is essential that victims choose an attorney who will relentlessly work on their behalf and remain focused on their needs throughout the entire process. A good attorney will be attentive, experienced and willing to dedicate the necessary time and resources in order to give their clients every possible advantage.

You and your family have rights if you have suffered a tragic loss as the result the negligence of a drunk driver. Choosing the right attorney is essential, and you should carefully evaluate their experience, approach and level of engagement before entrusting them to represent you and your family.