Cerebral Palsy Lawyers in Dallas

Cerebral palsy is a nervous system condition that has a variety of causes, one of them being birth trauma. In many instances, a child being born with cerebral palsy is a bit of a medical mystery. Deeper investigation is usually required in order to point out the root cause. In some scenarios, there are problems with the development of the child while they are in the womb. Developmental challenges can include intrauterine infection and radiation exposure. A child may also become asphyxiated before they are born. In many cases, asphyxiation occurs when the child is choked by the umbilical cord. A lack of oxygen to the brain puts the baby at a greater risk of being born with a serious medical condition. Doctors must intervene in order to stabilize both mother and child. Another major cause, and the cause that we will be discussing, is trauma or difficulty during the labor and delivery process.

There are times when a traumatic birth is unavoidable. When there is a particularly large baby or when the mother is unhealthy are some common examples. There are other instances when a birth injury is the result of doctor negligence. Doctors have a duty of care, which means that they are responsible for their patients' safety and wellbeing, as far as it depends on them. Physical brain injury is one factor that can cause cerebral palsy in a child during birth. Your doctor may not have acted in the best possible manner, which may have resulted in your child sustaining a head injury during labor.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome is one potential cause of cerebral palsy after the child has been born. It is a type of child abuse, and is the result of intentional shaking of the baby. Shaking a child can cause brain damage, since they are more physically sensitive right after birth. When children are not handled correctly by doctors, nurses and hospital attendants, they may sustain a brain injury. The symptoms of shaken baby syndrome include hematoma, hemorrhage and cerebral oedema. Unfortunately, the mortality rate is around 25 percent. If no one was there to see the mishandling of the infant, then it may be difficult to prove liability in these situations, but it is something to consider when there are no other suitable explanations for cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a lifetime condition, and treatments have many dimensions. As the child and the child's brain develop, the cerebral palsy will affect them differently. The disease is non-progressive (doesn't get worse) but it does change as the child changes and grows. Since many of those who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy typically are bound to wheelchairs for the duration of their lifetimes, physical therapy may be beneficial in teaching them how to function in everyday life. Cerebral palsy is primarily a condition that directly affects the brain and indirectly affects the movement of limbs. This condition should not be confused with a paralytic disorder, since these are caused by trauma or disease of the spinal cord.

If your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, then there may be legal steps that you can take. Zinda Law Group is prepared to listen to your case. Our firm frequently investigates cases such as this in order to determine if there was any negligence or other liability that contributed. Cerebral palsy, since it is a lifetime condition, will require prolonged medical treatment. Extensive medical treatment will mean extensive medical bills. Our Dallas personal injury attorneys are committed to our clients, so that they can receive the largest amount of compensation possible.