Common Delayed Symptoms After a Car Accident

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Car accidents have the potential to be traumatic experiences, and every individual reacts differently to the accident. Some are affected mentally for long periods of time after the crash, and their daily lives are impacted by the difficulties the accident presents. In addition to mental limitations, accidents cause physical damage. Some injuries are immediately apparent, while others take time to present themselves. Some injuries such as traumatic brain injuries may also require specialized equipment to detect.

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Delayed Injuries After a Car Crash

Aside from the physical injuries that are present immediately after the accident, here are just some of the most common delayed injuries resulting from an accident:

1. Back Pain

Back pain is common in a car crash, as the force of the accident often causes a jerking motion of someone’s body and often puts a strain on the back. Lower back pain is found in over 75 percent of car accidents, and does not always appear the day of the accident.

2. Headaches

Headaches also result from the awkward jerking motion the car accident causes, and can even be the result of the passenger hitting their head during the crash. Some of the time, this can result in an injury such as a concussion, which is not always readily detectable.

3. Neck Pain

The most common injury from the jerking motion is whiplash. A person is not prepared for an accident, and as a result their neck moves unexpectedly. Most car crashes cause some sort of whiplash, which is often a delayed symptom.

4. Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is not as common, but can be a sign of a serious injury. Stomach pain can often lead to the discovery of an injury such as internal bleeding, and can require emergency treatment.

5. Emotional Injury

Emotional injury is often the most overlooked injury caused by a car accident, but can be one of the most severe. Post-traumatic stress disorder can show symptoms at any time after the accident, sometimes even weeks or months afterwards.

It is important to realize the signs of emotional damage and to not dismiss the symptoms as stress-related. Changes in your daily life, such as difficulty sleeping, mood swings, trouble concentrating, general fatigue, or memory loss, can be signs of emotional damage and require medical treatment.

Emotional damage is not always thought to be caused by a car accident, but it can lead to a loss in quality of life. These injuries require as much treatment as physical injury and should not be overlooked.

Our Dallas Auto Injury Lawyers Can Help

Delayed symptoms from a car accident are common, and can be missed by the victim. If you notice any of these physical or mental symptoms during the time after your accident, you may want to see a doctor for treatment and consult with a personal injury attorney  to assess the strength of your claim against the other driver.

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