What to Do if You Are Hit by an Amazon Truck Driver In Fort Collins

Last updated on: April 17, 2021

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Most people are familiar with Amazon. Between the quick deliveries and video streaming service from its Prime membership option and the variety of items available for online purchase, the company represents the pinnacle of convenience. With its mass appeal, Amazon has grown extremely wealthy. That can make it intimidating to go up against the company if you are hit by an Amazon truck.

However, if an Amazon driver in Fort Collins hits you, an attorney who handles cases in which people are hit by Amazon drivers can get you the justice you deserve. If you or a loved one has had an Amazon van hit your car, call Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 for a 100% free case evaluation with a Fort Collins lawyer qualified to help people hit by Amazon trucks.

The possibility of being hit by an amazon driver in Fort collins

While many people love Amazon for its availability and convenience, that accessibility does not come without its own price. Since Amazon is so big with such a wide client base, it has more of its company vehicles on the road. If you live in or often drive through Fort Collins, you probably see Amazon vehicles regularly. More vehicles on the road means more of a chance that you could be hit by an Amazon truck.

The company recognizes the possibility of its Amazon vans hitting cars to such a degree that it has developed an On-Road Incident Emergency Hotline. This feature allows anyone to report an Amazon driver for any valid reason. While the company has framed itself as not accountable when someone is hit by an Amazon van, lawyers in some cases are able to show that Amazon maintains enough control over its drivers to be responsible for the accidents.

The Added Complication of Amazon Flex Drivers

Another likely way that someone could be hit by an Amazon driver in Fort Collins is through Amazon Flex. This service contracts with independent gig drivers to deliver Amazon’s packages. Note that Amazon Flex recruits drivers in Fort Collins.

Since it is a gig job, Amazon Flex workers are average drivers without any kind of special training or certification. All they need to have is a vehicle, a smart phone, and a valid driver’s license. They can get into fender benders and even more serious accidents just like any other driver.

While these Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors, Amazon must provide them with insurance. That means that if you have been hit by an Amazon driver, a lawyer might be able to help you reach a settlement with Amazon. Someone who has been in a collision with an Amazon truck in Fort Collins can use a lawyer to help with the entire legal process.

What do I do when An Amazon van collides with my car?

Given the number of Amazon drivers on the road, you might find yourself asking, “What do I do if my car is hit by an Amazon van?” The answer will depend on a few factors.

Most immediately, it will depend on what kind of injuries—if any—you have sustained. Next, you will need to determine who is at fault and whether you need a lawyer. If the answer is yes, once an experienced lawyer evaluates your claim, you will know whether you are entitled to compensation.

Address Your Injuries

The first action you should take if an Amazon truck hits you is to address any immediate injuries. Even if your injuries do not appear very serious or immediate, you should visit your doctor within a relatively short window after the accident to ensure that there are no longer-term injuries that will cause problems later.

The kinds of injuries sustained in a car accident can range from minor cuts and bruises to broken and dislocated bones. More severe accidents might even leave you with a spinal cord injury. The expensive medical bills can pile up quickly, and your non-physical pain and suffering can last for years, too.

Once you have an idea of the extent of your injuries, you should keep all of these expenses documented so that you can potentially receive compensation for them. If you suffered more serious injuries after being hit by an Amazon driver, a lawyer can help you file an insurance claim to receive as much compensation as possible.

Contact an Attorney Who Helps Victims Hit by Amazon Drivers

Fault can be extremely difficult to determine, especially for someone who is unfamiliar with the legal system. That is why it is helpful to have a lawyer if you are hit by an Amazon van. The difficult question of fault and other legal questions surrounding an incident in which someone is hit by an Amazon driver are best left to an attorney. If the lawyer feels strongly that you were not at fault when you were hit by an Amazon driver, then the lawyer may be able to help you recover financially.

File a Claim and Get Compensated

If the attorney thinks you will be able to recover for your damages, he or she may file a claim. The amount of compensation that you could receive will depend on the seriousness and nature of your injuries.

Why Should I hire A lawyer?

In the most general terms possible, you should think about hiring an attorney after being hit by an Amazon driver if you received an injury that has required you to stay at a hospital for a long time and caused you to lose wages from missing work. If you needed surgery after the accident or needed ongoing medical treatment, you may also want to consider getting the help of a lawyer.

An attorney has a firm understanding of your rights and knows how to file claims and communicate with insurance companies. Attorneys are also valuable for gathering and knowing how to use evidence.

How a lawyer can help you

Managing your own case while being unfamiliar with the legal process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and intimidating. You need time to heal if you have been hit by an Amazon driver, and a lawyer can take on the more stressful parts of your recovery. A lawyer can help someone hit by an Amazon van by stopping them from making errors that are harmful to their representation and can help increase the chances of getting maximum compensation.

Preventing Mistakes

Insurance companies, not least of all Amazon’s legal team, know how to get you to say things that could hurt the value of your claim. A skilled attorney looks for these tactics and knows how to respond. Additionally, it is a lawyer’s job to meet deadlines while catching every meticulous legal requirement throughout a case. You could muddle through the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure on your own, or you could trust someone who uses those rules every day.  

Receive Maximum Compensation

After a serious accident with an Amazon delivery vehicle, you could be entitled to both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are easier to calculate because they include the costs of your medical bills, your lost wages from time off of work, money you spent fixing or replacing damaged property, and other tangible expenses. Non-economic damages can be trickier to calculate since they include pain and suffering, which is difficult to measure empirically.

Depending on how serious your case is, it could be possible for you to receive punitive damages, which are meant to punish the party at fault. Having a lawyer who knows what kinds of compensation you could get by filing a claim against a tech giant like Amazon can help ensure that you are not missing out on any of the rewards you deserve.

fort collins attorneys are available

If you are in Fort Collins when you are hit by an Amazon truck, there are several reasons why you should select a local attorney. First, lawyers are generally busy, so you will want someone who is as available as possible to help you through the legal process. It can be more difficult for an attorney who is not located in Fort Collins to meet with you as often as you might need.

Second, similarly to the availability issue, a lawyer could charge you for travel time to your city. The more that attorney is driving, the more you might be paying him or her to drive.

Third, you will want an attorney with knowledge of the Fort Collins area. The home team advantage rings true even in law practice. Someone who is familiar with the local court and judge is critical to have on your side at trial if a trial becomes necessary for your case.

zinda law group lawyers can help if you have been hit by an amazon truck in Fort collins

At Zinda Law Group, our Fort Collins car accident attorneys can help you get the justice you deserve. Just remember, it helps to have your advocate close by to provide all the guidance and resources you need to support you through what can otherwise be a long and frustrating process.

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