Last updated on: October 13, 2022

Dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. However, it is the unfortunate truth that dog bites do happen. Dog bites can cause the victim to suffer serious physical and emotional injury. Knowing what to do following a dog bite can help keep you safe and preserve your future lawsuit.

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What Should You Do Immediately After A Dog Bite?

After getting bitten by a dog, you may be left scared and unsure of what to do next. Following these simple steps can help keep you safe and preserve your future dog bite injury claim:

  • Clean The Wound

You should first clean the affected area, as serious bite wounds could get infected. You should also keep any open wound covered with a bandage and contact your doctor if the bite shed blood.  

  • Get The Dog Owner’s Information

You will want to be sure to get the dog owner’s information following a bite. This is especially important in case the injuries turn out to be serious, as you will want to be able to locate the owner, their dog, and any potential homeowner’s insurance policy.

  • Report The Bite To Animal Control Or Law Enforcement

It’s important that you report any dog bite or attack to law enforcement. First, you want to make sure that animal control ensures that the dog was taken in to be quarantined and checked for rabies.

You should also be sure to ask if the dog has bitten or attacked anyone before. If the dog bite goes unreported, there is a strong chance that the owner will not take any actions to protect the public.

  • Take Pictures Of Your Injury

You should also document how serious your injury was, both to show animal control and for any future claims you may have.

  • Do Not Give A Reported Statement

You may be asked to give a recorded statement by the homeowner’s insurance company for the dog’s owner. It is important that you decline this offer, as the insurance company may use this statement against you later in any negotiations or litigation.

  • Speak To A Dog Bite Attorney

You may be entitled to have your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages reimbursed to you for the animal bite. Many times, this area of the law can be difficult and very hard to understand. Fortunately, Zinda Law Group attorneys are here to fight on your behalf.

Zinda Law Group personal injury attorneys are here to help guide you through each step to take following an animal bite incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Go To The Doctors After A Dog Bite?

After you have been bitten by a dog, the most important thing to do is to get medical attention.  This means that you should still go to the emergency room or your regular doctor’s office as soon as possible after the bite occurs, especially if the bite has shed blood.

Animal bites are often more serious than they appear, as dog mouths have thousands of germs and many times the infection from the dog bite can be more serious than the dog bite itself. Infections that are left untreated can lead to surgery, amputation, or even death.

Do I Need A Tetanus Shot After A Dog Bite?

Tetanus boosters are recommended every 10 years, or in the case of a special circumstance. Without treatment, tetanus can lead to life-threatening concerns, such as serious breathing problems or seizures. In the case of a dog bite, tetanus shots may be necessary to prevent infection, especially if you are not up to date on your tetanus booster.

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